The Self Installed Virus is just that, installed by you!

When I look at computers I look at them as a tech and then look at them if I would actually use them. Some computers are great while others have so much junk installed you have to wonder who uses the computer.

Sorry if this sounds like you but did you just download that installation application that promised to make all your downloads managed downloads?

How about the coupon toolbar that offers promises of deep discounts on all the popular brands.

Download and install Hacked.Exe for a great time with the service technician and all the viruses and exploits you can handle!

I have a flash advertisement here, does it look like something you would click on? (I really hope not.)

This goes for any site and any advertisement. If you do not know who, what about the download skip it.

Spyware you install for free because you like the toolbar doesn't make it right.

The Advertisement above isn't an advertisement at all and it doesn't offer a click to download link either.

That advertisement you see above that shows the Download > Now! And the File called HACK.EXE was created for a quick training class about what to look for and what to avoid. I'm not saying all advertisements are bad. Matter of fact since 2005, 2009, the other day I haven't seen that many viruses from advertisements.

But this isn't the drive by virus attack this is you and your self installed virus. Read the articles below of a few self installed virus applications that thousands actually do install.

Antivirus 2011

Friday Apr 27 2012
Fast Windows Antivirus 2011 from antivirus - renewal . cw . cm / fast - scan We know you all do your best to keep unwanted programs from downloading and installing on your computer. When Firefox stops AVG Linkscanner and Safe Search shows enabled but did not stop the page load what do you do? Time for you to think before you click

Spyware Self Installed

Tuesday Apr 17 2012
Spyware you install for free because you like the toolbar doesn't make it right. Spyware comes in many forms. Below is a list of toolbars that for the most part look friendly enough. That's until you find out what they are recording.

Dr. Web for Windows

Wednesday May 18 2011
Dr. Web for Windows waited just for the minute I logged in as the Administrator on a desktop to launch it's virus attack. So much for Standard Restrictions and Standard User Settings. So who did download the Dr. Web Anti Fake as all heck Virus? We will never know but we all know who took care of this Doctor.

When I tested toolbars about 8 years ago I found many of the features they had were also downloader and update applicaitons. What would you do if you knew the downloader was actually a backdoor trojan? It's time to really watch out for those Trojan Toolbar Downloaders.