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Login and Logout, Login then windows Logs out. Can it be a login Virus? Can't login! The Login and Logout virus is actually kind of fun in that you know something is wrong but it just doesn't allow you to do anything.

Login and Logout, Login then windows Logs out.

If you are one of the lucky ones that finds your system logging you out as soon as you login you might have the Logout Virus.

If you can't switch users because your computer logs you out you might have the Logout virus.

If you login and your windows logs you out and shuts your computer down you might have the logout virus.

This is a simple virus that installed a nice little pain in the rear script.
You have a couple of options (Actually 3) but I'm only going to recommend 2 of the 3 options because installing SpyWare software may cause more issues in the long run.

Option 1.
Remove the infected hard drive and install it into a good working computer as an extra drive. Or use a external drive case connected by USB to your good working computer.

Install a good Antivirus like AVG ( and scan your external hard drive which will be the drive you took out of the infected computer and put into or attached to a good computer.

Scanning for the virus and other viruses should make it so you can login again. I recommend AVG because it has SpyWare defenitions and it doesn't lock you out of your registry like so many other SpyWare applications do.

Option 2:
If you don't have a second computer or can't figure out how to remove your hard drive and install it into another computer you are not out of options.

NT systems allow for dual booting which in short means you can install your operating system or a different operating system along side of your current operating system.

Confused? Here's how you create a new installation of Windows on a system infected by a virus that will (or should) allow you to clean up your old installation of windows then return to that installation.

Take your operating system disk and place it in your DVD or CD drive.
On boot make sure you are pointed to your DVD or CD so your computer boots from the CD/DVD.
For Dell's you will need to press F12 to get to the Boot Device Menu.
Other systems you might have to edit the BIOS to have your DVD/CD come up first in the boot cycle.

Once you have booted using your Software CD you can select to install a new copy of your Windows Operating system.

You will have the choice of Repair, Delete , New (Worded something like that.)
Select New Installation.
Your Microsoft Software should tell you that it has found a copy of your windows and it will ask if you would like to over write it or install new.

Here is where you put in a new location.
Typically your XP installation will be using C:\WINDOWSFor this installation tell your software to install to C:\WINDOWS0\ (That's a ZERO at the end)

This will install a second copy of Windows on your computer.
It might pop up and tell you about Some Dual Boot OS might not work. Just ignore that and install a fresh copy of your Windows.

Once you are finished the only thing you should be doing is downloading a good AntiVirus not something you got with your computer like (McAfee or Norton) Your computer was infected for a reason and that reason is your AV wasn't good enough.

With that said AVG might help.
You can download a new version of your antivirus.
You know you have a virus so scan your computer completely for the virus from your second operating system login.
Clean it up then reboot.

You can test things out by trying to boot into your first installation.
The Dual or Multi boot screen will give you an option of which OS to use. Normally the first OS listed is your Original installation.

If you are able to access your first OS then you are almost finished.
Download the AV program that you used to clean up your infected computer and install it with this OS.

After that you can Explore your hard drive and find the folder C:\WINDOWS0

Now just delete that folder.

Next you will need to browse over to your C:\ drive.
You'll find a file called Boot.ini .
Open it with NotePad.
Right click it then select Open With then Notepad or Open then Select notepad.

You will see lines like:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS="Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition" /noexecute=optin /fastdetect
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(3)\WINDOWS0="Microsoft Windows XP Professional" =optin /fastdetect

Look for the line that has your WINDOWS0 installed.
Delete that line
Save the file
You should be done.

No mess, no fuss.
Just get it done without the panic.
Oh, one thing. If you don't have a copy of your OS then you can panic and use Option 3 which you can find on YouTube.Com search for Login Logout fix.



Login and Logout, Login then windows Logs out. Can it be a login Virus? Can't login! The Login and Logout virus is actually kind of fun in that you know something is wrong but it just doesn't allow you to do anything.