AVG Linkscanner Part II.iA

You can't say "I didn't warn you".

You can't say "AVG Didn't detect it."

It boils down to more than your antivirus and I say it nearly 10 times each week.

Look before you click, Think before you install and most of all. Trust nothing that offers you a "FREE" anything.

I was just browsing the internet reading technical articles about Service Agreements and the IT industry when out of the blue pops over or under the following screen.


Oh my not another Windows Security warning. I must not take very good care of my operating system that has been running without a single formating in the last 8 years.

Now, do you think I should click on this "OK" button to let this warning scan my computer for critical issues on my workstation?

Ok, so you know the answer but even if I told you 10 times this week you might have clicked on this screen before you realized you actually did click on it.

This pop up or under actually resized the Firefox 4.0 browser with more than 60 tabs open to a small image displaying nothing but a single line about 2px in height. If I didn't know better I'd say they tried to redirect me to a download site and things just didn't go well.

What do you do? Resize the screen so you can see the full picture like the screen shot above.

Think before you click. Do I want to even mose over this?

Can I close the TAB?

Should I force close Firefox using Taskmgr.exe ?

When I reopen firefox should I restore last session?

Let's start with the basics.

Yes, if you can close the TAB do so.

You might find another small window open. If you do close it.

Can you force close it all so you don't get fooled into clicking on a fake X in the upper left corner ? Sure you can.

But, if you force close things and restart firefox don't restore the last session.

Can you guess why not? (I know you know but the person searching for removal instructions for this fake antivirus missed it.)

Let me close this out by saying you are never safe no matter how much you keep thinking you are. You have to always Look before you click and Read .