Run your Antivirus software setup and you're set! Or are you?

Many people feel that once they have downloaded the XYZ antivirus application they are good to go.

The issues are settings and many of them are not setup to match how you use your computer.

I'll do my part and review the top 10 or so AV applications that are available online. What I'd like to have you learn is the basic settings and advanced settings need to be adjusted to your computer habits.

If you're a high risk website surfer (music and movie downloads) you're going to want different settings than one that only check their Hotmail account.

This will be an ongoing topic because it will require me installing and setting up several different AV applications. But as I do I will also be testing them for other updates.

For now, my suggestion is to enable just about as much as your computer can handle. Don't run more than one AV product and don't allow your virus updates to miss a single day!

If you're using a paid version you must be very careful if you remove the product and download a different product. I have seen paid version suppress viruses and not remove them. Once the AV software was removed the viruses were freed from their quarantined state. I don't agree with this method but I did find this on a one software vendor. It might be a mistake but that would have to be proven by them.

Look for more in the coming weeks.

AVG Linkscanner

Tuesday Apr 17 2012
You might not be one to think about viruses until it's downloaded and installed. If that's the case I'm going to guess you never used a toolbar or linkscanner from AVG to identify known threats online. In fact, just a few minutes ago while I was searching for som RC Stunt Helo's I had my linkscanner block one bad Exploit. It could have been lights out for the next hour running a restore or a backup recovery. But AVG which by the way I have used for about 12 years now has proved to be one heck of a company. Thanks all.

AVG Resident Shield

Tuesday May 18 2010
How to Setup AVG Anti-Virus Resident Shield If you read the post: How to Setup AVG Anti-Virus Advanced Settings and have questions about if that post was accurate take a close look at the Resident Shield settings.

AVG Advanced Settings

Tuesday May 4 2010
How to Setup AVG Anti-Virus Advanced Settings. Many computer users think when they download and install Anti-Virus software it comes configured to guard against virus attacks and when scanning you will find any and all viruses. This is completely the Wrong Way to Think.

AVG Linkscanner II

Today you just cannot download and expect applications to configure everything you need. Software today is much more complicated and you need to learn your software and how to configure it. Sure you can get the neighbors kid to do it but who showed that kid? It is best to learn from those that know