Micro Enterprise IT Infrastructures

Micro Enterprise otherwise known as owner operator businesses come complete with the most challenging of all IT designs.

The needs in technology are typically not designed to be ordered in quantities of 1 or 2. I know, I am Micro Enterprise, a consultant of One with Enterprise IT demands.

Determining what you need as a small business, owner operator can be very difficult.

  • Should you rent services and servers?
  • Do you need to be 100% internet connected during the day or can you work from a local wireless connection?

Your IT needs are going to be different from mine and from others. Let me share with you what I use and what many work places use.

Starting with the basics:

What every person needs, a daily calendar, task schedule, email and some type of alert system that tells you about your email, tasks and calendar events. I’ll list these items as Basic Needs of IT.

  • Email
  • Task Schedule
  • Calendar
  • Alert notices
  • Synchronized storage folders (Shared Folders)

Some specialty features like media streaming, SharePoint like services may seem to be out of your price budget but when you break down just what parts you need I might find alternative solutions that work for you.

Learn what is available, identifying what you need, and find a system integrator that allows for growth.

Ask questions and most importantly, ask me about the shared services I offer from my small cloud private network.

Let's discuss your IT infrastructure needs today, contact me

You can also view some DIY articles at my site www.MySmallCloud.Com .


Small Business is the generally excepted method to tell people about your self-employment option you've taken. But small business isn't really what you are, you are Microenterprise which by the title should make you feel better. Enterprise, is that gearing you up for some bit IT Management costs?