Setup and Configuration Review.

I've seen allot of people buying equipment and setting it up at home or at the office without much going into the actual configuration process.

Today our VPN's and Routers offer more security than ever and we should all be taking advantage of that security and enable "Block Ports" when you have that option.

Part of the Tuesday XCTech Hour is going to be reserved for Configuration Reviews. Some reviews can be submitted by using our Help Desk Ticket system while others might require a remote desktop connection.

In either case it starts with a Help Desk Ticket to get the work going.

I'd like to cover Firewalls and Netgear equipment as well as the newer model Linksys routers. I've noticed you can actually block full ranges of items that can help you do networking more secure.

I've actually setup a router that blocks all IP and Ports except from 3 locations. Now I know if I can do that so can you. It's time to keep those that don't need to be connected to your computer out.

Remember, no Help Desk ticket no XCTech Hour for your Do IT Yourself.

You can always use the paid service as well if time is an issue. It still requires a Help Desk Ticket.

When you do your own configurations to your network, setup your own VPN, make your own network policies and firewall rules wouldn't it be nice to have someone review your configurations as well as give you some pointers. If needed that is.