System Migration Tips and Information

In this new section and until just about May of 2014 I'll be publishing some guidelines that might keep you from getting into hot water with your client or your boss. It also should smooth out some of the bumps you are going to be experiencing with your migration and upgrade. 

Systems Migration means taking your current systems and upgrading to the most current. 

This means both Hardware and Software upgrades for most of us. 
I'll not talk much about the workarounds and how you can keep your old 32bit systems running. I'll help you focus on getting up with today's technology that should keep you in the race for another 5 to 10 years if not longer. 

This could also be your prep work so when the team arrives onsite to actually do the physical work you have everything documented and a action plan in place.


Migration Planning Index

Friday Dec 20 2013
A plan is good but a plan with an actual index is even better. I have worked with groups that had more plans then they could ever complete. I have also worked with groups that worked without a plan and finally I have worked with groups that had plans so perfect all you needed to do is check off each line of the plan you completed. It's up to you if you use a plan or not. I have a master document for my work and then my very generic plan which I'll be listing here.

Migrating from OS version is often very difficult due to the hardware changes over the years. Software changes or software over 10 years may not even offer a method of upgrading. Here's my guide to getting your systems ready .