Small Business Server 2003 Terminal Server Services.

Small Business Server 2003 as your Terminal Server. What IT Admin cannot live without.

Let me start off this section by saying I have allot of notes covering Terminal Server on a Active Directory Domain Controller.

But mostly I have configuration settings and notes about how to follow the Microsoft Guide (which is really strange) on how to run your Domain Controller Active Directory SBS 2003 on the same network as a second SBS 2003 Server running Terminal Services and Terminal License Server.

Now before you start thinking this is going to be easy let me update you on a few things.

Small Business Server anything is not designed to work with other servers. You can hack the registry to make it work but you'll need to be good at testing things and please make sure you have a full recovery method when some update changes all your hacks you made on the registry. (It happened to me once)

Like I said, SBS likes being either a Server with Terminal server or an DC but not both on the same box. Actually that's how I found one in the field and it was a nightmare. The remote terminal clients were given admin rights on the domain controller. Let me tell you Slingbot, GoToMyPC and just about every music and TV software was loaded on this thing.

So much for network security in the medical industry. Anyway, let me start posting some of my notes so you can suffer, I mean accomplish the SBS 2003 DC AD on same network as 2nd SBS 2003 Terminal Server and License Server.

It's not going to be easy reading because they are notes with opinions but you'll get it or you can email me and I'll translate anything that you don't understand into admin language.

Roaming with Outlook

Thursday Apr 19 2012
Outlook when loaded on a server adds a First-Run registry line that needs to be the same on other servers or your users could be missing signature lines in email. Here is the fix for that issue on networks with more than one outlook hosting server.

Connection Issues

Tuesday Apr 12 2011
Terminal Server Connection issue, You could not be authenticated on this server 2003. Windows SBS 2003 Terminal Server that has been updated more than once with SP2 may lose trust with the forest domain. This occurred during a rollback fix on SBS 2003. SPS2 reapplied caused trust between the 2 servers to fail.




Small Business Server 2003 as your Terminal Server. What IT Admin cannot live without.