Small Business Server 2003 Administrators Guide

While I setup my Administrators Guide for Server 8 and finish up the Server 2008 R2 guide I thought I'd tease one local administrator that now has inherited a SBS2003 system.

It will be interesting to see if anything is learned. Judging from the resume Windows software is all new.

Working on SBS2003 isn't difficult but it becomes very difficult when the OS was lost, License keys lost and the software was picked apart to save on hard drive space instead of upgrading to a larger hard drive.

That really should show the difference between administrators and weekend server hacks. Never remove components even if you are not currently using them to gain slight drive space increases.

This system was so bad when I took it over in 2010. It had 1Mb of free drive space and they wondered why it was slow.

Well enjoy the old notes. I'll remove specific information from the main log book that I created and post up a few things that I think might help. I know one of our local churches has the same system but nice thing about them they started with a good administrator. Bad thing, their backup will never work and they might not know it.

If you have notes and would like to add them to the Weekend Server Admin section feel free to email them to me. This is not for the true administrators which for the most part will never be reading this. But for those just learning or those working part-time jobs or have setup a SBS2003 at home for some reason or another.

SBS Rebooting issue

Tuesday Apr 10 2012
Setting up SBS 2003 AD with 2nd SBS 2003 as Terminal Server isn't as easy as you would think. Well unless you have read all the documents about this issue. It takes time to figure out things like this Grasshopper. You will learn. I have all the links for you in this section to complete this task. And, if you need help I can fix this issue remotely. Good Luck!

MS SBS 2003 Users

Monday Apr 9 2012
Microsoft SBS 2003 Administrators Guide, User Profiles, Roaming Profiles, Permissions, Polices, Settings, Restrictions, Access, Applications. How to setup user profile in Small Business Servers. Help with SBS profiles and administration of profiles.

MS SBS 2003

Tuesday Apr 3 2012
The Weekend Server Admin Guide. Step One: If it's not broke, don't touch it. Next week we will look into editing the Global Policy based on users and add a few to monitor services which should lock Jr. out of those sites you're finding on your printer. (Or maybe not)

Command Line Restart

Wednesday Jul 20 2011
How to restart SBS 2003 from the command line. Working on a system that you need to restart remotely? Looking over the SBS2003 options I had to come up with a couple of scripts to handle restarting my SBS2003 server remotely and on a schedule.

Not authenticated

Wednesday Jul 13 2011
Terminal Server Connection issue, You could not be authenticated on this server 2003 Windows SBS 2003 Terminal Server that has been updated more than once with SP2 may lose trust with the forest domain. This occurred during a rollback fix on SBS 2003. SPS2 reapplied caused trust between the 2 servers to fail.

Last Good Configuration

Monday Jul 11 2011
Last Known Good Configuration Issue Power Outage start Last State issue with Dell. Oh the Dell of it all. This is for those that just can't find that DVD SBS2003 to install a missing component. When the Lights go out and your don't have a battery backup. Last Known Good Configuration might be your only hope of getting that P4 to stop rebooting or to actually boot as a SBS2003 AD DC again.

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This is part of my administrators guide book which does help if you use it the way any experienced administrator would use it. Instead of the Weblog it's in a format like word. I'll post a few items out of the active server admin log and offer it to those that ask nicely.