Remove that Junk Software, that Quick Launch, Ready to Read junk Software!

Some software and hardware vendors feel we all have to have everything running as a service, a process, or a startup. 

Yes, your software Firewall and Antivirus applications are fine but what about that color scanner that you use twice a year that takes up 250k of memory just sitting waiting. That Quick Launch application that launches with the application anyway. Or the Fast Search, Desktop this and taskbar that.

It's a simple process, start when I want you to start and that's it.

The second topic in this section is the installed software when you install software. Third party software installed when you are installing software you want.

Like the Ask toolbar, the McAfee Adobe download, all kinds of things that we don't notice if we don't read and take things slow.

I'll show you how to remove some of the hardest applications and what to look for before you download.

Then, after all the dust has settled, I'll review with you the Advanced methods of installing software. Today you never want to just click and forget (unless it's Win7 or 2008 server on a first time install).

Click and Forget bypasses all those little check boxes of "Would you like to try a demo of XYZ?" if you allow the software to install itself XYZ is installed because? Anyone? Because you didn't read the Terms and Policies that you clicked "I Agree" and it was part of the "We will offer" that you didn't read.

Ok, that's enough, I'll start off with a few of the newest annoyances.

Remove Hpqthb08.exe

Wednesday May 19 2010
How to Remove Hpqthb08.exe from start up Correctly. Never leave MSCONFIG in anything other than normal startup when you are finished. Learn how to remove this application hpqthb08.exe from your startup correctly.




Some software and hardware vendors feel we have to have everything running as a service or process the second we start up our computers. One of the things that gets under my skin is the installation of third party software and dates back to the time Cyberg Viruses came on all new CD Rom drives!