Migrating from Office XP lessons learned. 

I would have liked to put together a complete knowledge based article list and I still might do that between the document system and the portal. 

I want to help you find a starting point for your upgrade. 

You might only need to have your .DOT templates updated or you might be in need of a complete rework because your documents aren't doing what you really need them to do. 

Many of you will start looking for a better data solution, it could be time to drop the Access for SQL. 

Each article will have a simple example of what the cause or issue is with a possible solution for you. I cannot say every example is going to offer the solution you need. When we talk about compatibility issues between XP and 2010 we can only use logical thinking skills based on code and structure knowledge. It's not like Microsoft setup a team to document all issues of upgrading between Office XP and Office 2010. You have enough data of the controlled upgrade from 2002 to 2003 or XP to 2003. If you followed industry trends you should be today at least on 2007 and there is no excuse if you have 2003 documents due to the fact Microsoft has offered Starter versions that are for most more than enough in features. That should have had you upgrade from anything older than office 2003 to 2013 by now. 

If you are learning to migrate Office for an income you should contact me to have access to the document server. I will be helping many small companies free of charge to gather more "Lessons Learned" examples that you will more than likely pay to learn. 

Now that I've offered to help small business owners convert documents I want you to know it's on a very limited time frame and scale. Most documents you can handle on your own. I want the ones that you just can't figure out or that cannot be converted in your opinion. I will need your template files %AppData%\Microsoft\Templates I'll need every template you have in this folder. 
I will also need any passwords you have used to lock documents. Many of the passwords are stored in plan text and I'll show you how to read them if that is all you need. 

Do share your fixes, if you have automated systems in place and would like to add your services with mine we can offer a larger document migration service to more companies. This requires working in a shared team environment which might sound like SharePoint and Alfresco Community. I have both services running and will be using them to test documents with the end users. 

Keep in mind, shared documents on SharePoint or other Document Management Systems my not open as a local document. I will do my best to simulate on my servers but it's best once we have setup some file conversions to test on your production servers. Once we confirm all is well I can then assist you with your migration faster and cheaper than manual processes.  

Migration Office XP/2002 to Office 2003,2007,2010 issues and lessons learned. 


When you start upgrading as you should when new document types are introduced you often read about the upgrade and start planning your migration. Soon you realize that it has been 8 years since that planned move. Now what you are facing is more than you expected it is time to work with others and get things up to date quickly.