When to Upgrade and When to Curb IT.

I hope to get allot of pictures from a few of you and technicians are welcome to send what they call Upgradable computers as well as Replaceable computers.

Yes, the truth is out there. No, actually it's right here. Upgrading computers or replacing computers has been a question asked at many social gatherings.

Well maybe not your social gatherings but mine. I've been asked when do I upgrade and my answer is simple. When my software no longer works. I'm the IT industries nightmare of a computer buyer because I am averaging 1 computer every 10 years. Not bad when you think about it and much better after I stopped playing all those games that requires an upgrade every year at least.

So when do you need to upgrade? Here are a few well known signs.

  1. When family members ask if the computer is on so they can look something up before dinner and you tell them no and they just walk away.
  2. When your kids say they are going to use the computers at the community center.
  3. When you're spending 2 additional hours each day dealing with a "Click and Wait" computer.
  4. When loading the stock pages offers the closing bell.
  5. You can hear your computer running but still look to see if the lights on.

Ok, I think you get the picture of a replacement computer.

Now, I have makes and models of computers I no longer service because of the time it takes to do anything with them. So if you have anything in the following groups you might need to buy a new computer.

  1. Dell 2100 series and 3100 series with P4 label and 333Mhz memory. (Good luck, don't call me unless you need to know how to make a Craigs List Curb Alert post.)
  2. HP old stuff any P4 D series.
  3. For laptops anything over 7 pounds is a door jam.
  4. Desktops that say PC Club or eMachine.
  5. Make that anything that starts with an "e".
  6. P-II, P-III or you might have one that reads Pentium 90Mhz.
  7. Celeron (older ones)
  8. Duo Core anything (unless you need a small email server)
  9. Welcome to Win98, Win2000, WinXP SP1 and it runs slow it's not going to go faster with anything other than the Garbage Truck.

I hope you are smiling and not still waiting for the flash to load. But if you are then you are ready for a new computer.

MAC you are not out of this story line. I have one line.

  1. MAC OS 10.4.x.x.x.x.x.x.x or older, give it to your grand kids and if you don't have any put it away until you do that will teach them to mess with grandparents.

 I can safely say you'll find some interesting information in this section very soon. I stopped my retail business in computers just so I could talk about those systems I used to promote. Some were very good and some.. Well let's say I only promoted one laptop and one desktop out of all the computers you can find in the local store. Actually you couldn't find these in the local store. I hope you are listening, if I couldn't find a computer worth buying at the local store to do my work and all I use is Word and my development environments do you think you're getting what you need?

Here's when the facts hit the fan and I'll be one to stand by the facts.

  1. If you have owned more than 2 brand name computers it's time for you to have a custom computer built.
  2. If you are loyal to your brand name computer because of some reason only you and your checking account know about then please continue to keep their sales in business here in the USA.

Looking forward to seeing your upgraded and curbed systems.


Memory Upgrading

Thursday Apr 26 2012
Memory Upgrade Xtreme Computer Curb-IT or Up-IT When to Curb it due to memory costs or upgrade it. My Computer shows a message that I'm low on virtual resources and memory. It's showing that I have 512Mb of memory in my computer and I'm running XP Pro

Curb IT 2012

Monday Apr 9 2012
When you need to just stop thinking it will get better and walk it to the Curb you'll know you have done the right thing after sending in your story so others can learn like you have. Curbing a computer that steals hours of your life every day is a blessing and should be a medical deduction for preventative medicine.

Memory Windows 7

Wednesday Apr 20 2011
Windows 7 Memory does have physical limits. Be sure you read your system information file before upgrading memory. You might have to edit your registry to gain that 4GB size reading for 32bit operating systems. Best is the 64bit operating systems.

When to upgrade and when to buy a new computer. I have seen so many people buy new computers that are not really an upgrade at all. In fact, some new computers might be slower than your old computer. Learn when to upgrade and when to buy a new system