Which Intel Processor is best for my new system?

In this section I'll be helping you by offering how I select a processor for different computer systems.

It doesn't matter if you are building your own computer or buying a brand name computer from a local store the selection of your processor should always be first on the list.

Intel has more than enough information online about each of their products that you can make your decision on the same level of design engineers.

It's not easy using the blue Intel site and it might take you days to select the perfect processor in your budget range. But, if you spend the time you might find years down the road you are just as happy as you were from day one with your system.

I know when I selected my first set of Xeon processors and the P4 D versions it wasn’t as tough as it is today but it still had to be balanced. That was back in the year 2000 and today both of those workstations are still in service running 24/7.  I bet you are wondering what they do now, the P4 D runs SmarterMail email server and the Xeon is a Web and File server. Both run Windows 2008 32Bit and outside of overloading the Xeon during the peak traffic days they both are doing just fine.

On with the technical processes of selecting your next Intel Processor based system.

Over-clockers may like the K series but when you match them up with other services that overclocked machine might not have all the features you will need this coming year.

Processor Pricing

New technology or new processors often come with some big blue price stickers. It’s part of the expense recovery from research and development. You might have endless amounts of capital around but for most of us we need to watch our budget. I always suggest the $300.00 range for your processors starting price then we can move things around to make it work within our budgets.

Most custom build systems will run no less than $1,000.00 setup and configured. You might see slight differences depending on where you order parts.

I’ll be breaking down the processor buying guide into Desktop, Laptops, Workstations, Small Servers and Enterprise Servers. I’ll also add a special section for Virtual desktops and Servers so you can see the differences a CPU (Processor) makes when running 17 virtual desktop computers from one computer.

Desktop CPU

Thursday Apr 12 2012
Here's a simple guide that will show you how to compare processors of the same class. If you have not used the Intel site before this might seem a bit overwhelming but once you start reading and understanding how to use the Intel website for information you'll be telling your friends. That's if you didn't already know.





Which Intel Processor is best for my new system? Here I will help you select the best processor in a select budget of $1,000.00 for your complete system build. This information should help you even if you are not building your own computer and buying a brand name computer.