CPU / Processor Buyers Guide

You might be the geek on the block or just starting off with your first computer build. It's great to read all the Tom's reviews but when you follow the pack you might be missing out on some key elements that could make your computer better suited for you.

I'll be sharing my processes of how I select a processor or in other words. How do I buy my CPU for my computer?

I could make a quick bulleted list of the top things to look for but that would be too easy and this is going to be work for you.

In fact, each new technology design I do takes a few weeks and when it comes to selecting the processor it might take hours. It's important to cross reference everything and note all the key matching points.

The number one thing you should be looking at is matching your Processor to Memory then matching that to your Motherboard.

You could have a favorite motherboard and do the reverse but I find my systems built on the process able have allot of kick to them when I compare side by side with client systems.

Let's start by learning the language.

  • Quick
  • Fast
  • Power (robust or strong might be better words)

Quick is how your system response. If you click the start or tap the start does it pop up quick? If so that's quick.

Fast, is when I have a 65,000 line spreadsheet and I need to sort, calcuate and output the data. The computer might be quick to respond but now I need it to be fast as the processing level.

Both mean you can do other things. If you're used to the "Click and Wait" game this might show you it's all in the desktop design phase that caused your Click and Wait. Or you have so much running you are out of resources.

Power, this is when we talk 24/7 fast computing that offers quick response to applications. Power is typically on a server level and i'll discuss how I select server processors based on the applications and loads expected.

Now, you might be better than me or have different methods but the idea here is to offer you my methods so you can add or debunk until your completely satisfied.

Whick Intel Process is right for you?

Intel i5 DZ68DB SSD 320

Tuesday May 8 2012
Intel i5 Core Intel Chipset 6 Board with Rapid Technology.

Which Intel Processor


This is all about Intel Processors and which processor might be perfect for your computer and applications. This guide details the Intel processors only.