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Backup Power Surge

Tuesday May 1 2012
When you start shopping for your new computer and it's not a laptop with a battery you might also take some sound advice and calculate the type of backup power supply you will need. Unless you never experience brownouts, blackouts or complete power grid failures for hours, days or weeks then this wouldn't apply to you. But, wait, what about spikes, surges and dirty power sources? Now it applies to everyone.

Crucial Memory

Thursday Apr 12 2012
Crucial Memory really takes the guess work out of ordering memory for your computer. As a matter of fact, they advertise if their Memory Configuration Tool makes a mistake they will correct the error. This is one good tool to have when you are upgrading your Windows 7 system. I have a short video on how it works so you can see that it's as safe as it gets. Then uninstall the application to keep your system clean.

SATA Drive Configurations

Monday May 30 2011
When it comes to hard drives we have more today to choose from than we did last year. The Industry Boom SATA 2.0 3Gbps with RAID 0, 1, 5, 10 SATA 2.0 6Gbps with RAID 0, 1 . Just like the USB it seems our designers have the full duplex roll handled.

HP Hard Drives

Monday Apr 11 2011
How to buy a hard drive for your HP Pavilion dv2500 Entertainment Notebook PC series. How to buy a hard drive for your HP Pavilion dv2500 Entertainment Notebook PC series. We have a few notes about how to purchase a new hard drive for your dv2500 HP Pavilion notebook PC. If you have questions feel free to ask using our comment form.

SD TF Card Memory

Slow memory can make your picture taking time consuming and your subjects might not like waiting for that HD video to load. SD Memory Cards, TF Cards, Micro Memory Cards all have speed ratings which will make or slow down that nice digital camera, video recorder, tablet or smart phone. The slow cards are good for GPS devices but your Tablet and Camera deserve faster and better memory.


Upgrading memory on your major brand name computers with QPI , channel banks, 3, 6, etc. Be sure to follow the CPU (Intel) design process and not always what your big brand name recommends in their service manual. Upgrade your Memory Banks as complete banks to gain the power that Intel designers gave you.

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