Tablet PC A31 Based CPU.


Allwinner is a CPU manufacturer.

I am happen to post that my first Onda V972 just arrived today.

It was more time consuming removing and replacing the default apps to English than anything else. But the 2 hours of exploring did allow me ot really see what the tablet was all about.

The A31 based CPU really shines.

This is my first tablet so I'm comparing it to my workstation and servers which is a bit different than tablet to tablet.

Basically I wasn't going to spend a dime on a tablet until it was up to i3 or better in responsive touch. I do believe this is the level of processor we all need in tablets.

Read more as the reivew data comes in here:

Onda V972 Working Review. (By the way, I'm not a reseller.)


  • CPU: A31
  • Quad-Core Cortex-A7
  • GPU SGX544MP2
  • Screens: 13.3, 10.1, 9.7
  • Resolution: 2048x1536, 1920x1200, 1024x768
  • Video: 4K x 2K
  • Memory: 2GB DDR3 / DDR3L / LPDDR2
  • Wireless: WiFi, BT, GPS, 3G
  • OS: Android 4.2 and Up.
  • Allwinner A20/A31
  • MediaTek MT6589
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play

What I hope to do here is to compare and find all Tablets that will be using the Cortex-A7 CPU model. 

The bullet point list above shows the copy listed in

ARM  is ARM Holding which is the company that developed the platform used.

Let's get to the details we are looking for and follow along with my not so popular rules.

1. For everything you can not do on your tablet make sure you can do on a remote desktop.

Who came first in this Quad-core world is not important with me. (MediaTek

What is important is who is going to run the best configurations and best in hardware.


Have you seen the video marketing and products from Qualcomm?
It's tough, but it's going to boil down to price that's about it.
Let's say if you had a CPU that was made of gold and one of silver and both ran the same OS would you pay in Gold or Silver?
Ok, next let's look at the MediaTek MT6589... Didn't really find what I was looking for. I'm sure not only big name brands use this chip.
What makes fast better? Fast Channel Memory, Fast Graphics and Cores that run as they should.

Comparison: Three Mainstream Quad-core Solutions

Following table provides a brief comparison among three mainstream quad-core processors in current mobile device market:

Allwinner A31 Tegra3 Exynos4412
CPU A7x4 A9x4 A9x4
Cache 1MB L2 1MB L2 1MB L2
GPU SGX544 MP2 ULP Geforce Mali400 MP4
Polygon Ability 110M/s 120M/s 44M/s
Pixel Ability 3000M/s 1600M/s 1600M/s
RAM 2CH 64bits 1CH 32bits 2CH 64bits
NAND 2CH 16bits 1CH 8bits 1CH 8bits




Allwinner A31


Quad-Core Mobile Application Processor


  • ARM Cortex-A7 Quad-Core
  • 256KB L1-Cache
  • 1MB L2-Cache


  • Eight logic cores
  • Comply with Open GL ES2.0, Open CL1.x, DX 9_3


  • UHD H.264 4K ×2K @30fps video decoding
  • Full HD video decoding
  • BD Directory, BD ISO and BD m2ts video decoding
  • H.264 High Profile 1080P@60fps encoding
  • 3840x1080@30fps 3D decoding
  • Comply with RTSP, HTTP, HLS, RTMP, MMS streaming media protocol


  • Dual-Channel LVDS 1920 ×1080@60fps
  • 4-lane MIPI DSI 1920 × 1200@ 60fps
  • Dual-Channel RGB/CPU 2048 ×1536@60fps
  • Integrated HDMI 1.4 4K ×2K@ 30fps


  • Integrated Parallel & MIPI I/F sensor
  • Integrated Powerful ISP, supporting Raw Data CMOS sensor
  • 5M/8M/12M CMOS Sensor supported
  • 8/10/12-bit RGB Bayer sensor supported


  • Dual-Channel LPDDR2/DDR3/DDR3L Controller
  • Dual-Channel NAND FLASH Controller
  • 64-bit ECC


  • A31exclusively tailor-made PMIC AXP221
  • 21-CH power output and 2.2A Flash charging
  • Comply with USB 3.0 power supply standard


  • Integrated HI-FI 100dB Audio Codec
  • Three MIC
  • One MIC with Noise cancellation


  • Support Android 4.2 or up
  • Support Microsoft Windows 8



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Tablet PC A31 Based CPU. Cortex-A7 Allwinner A20/A31, MediaTek MT6589.Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play