Tablet PC Buyers Guide

by Murray at XtremeComputer.Com

Tablet PCs or Tablet Personal Computers, is what you need or think you need?

Flash back to the Windows CE days. Ok, that lasted for a few weeks.

Now, thanks to some great Engineering and Open Source development we now have choices and some of those choices can lead you down a path of complete independence from the classical “Conquer and Control” IT has enjoyed for years.

In this section I’ll do my best or at least give the illusion of such when dealing only with specification sheets of products not yet manufactured.

Buying electronics this year may depend on how many supported apps you can find for it or it may boil down to the video, audio and game experience.

Lets’ jump in and set a few standards of what we need to look for.

  1. 1GB of RAM (DDR Dual Channel or better)
  2. 15Gb or ROM onboard memory for your OS and a few apps.
  3. 32Gb expandable memory

It would be nice to have higher numbers but in the price range for OS the basic Android 4.2 requirements will be outlined and matched to hardware.




Tablet PC Off Brands

Tablet PCs are back and they are here stay. Really, I can almost prove it with the number of non branded not so famous manufacturers looking to get into the market. You can read what the big players are doing and it's not going after the $110.00 Tablet PC market. But you might want to take a long look before you buy.

Tablet PC OS Upgrades

Tablet A31 Allwinner

Tablet PC A31 Based CPU. Cortex-A7 Allwinner A20/A31, MediaTek MT6589.Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Play

Intro to Tablet PCs

Buying a Tablet for Android or a Tablet PC for Windows takes more than a flash advertisement and a few cool commercials today. We live in a area that we depend on local retailers to supply the best technology today. Wait, that isn't true, we live in a Global Economy and that means our retailer is the world. Let's find the best Tablet configurations we can for the best price and let's do our shopping using the "Global Market Place."


When you first looked at a computer you looked at the shiny stuff before the CPU. Today many of us stop at the shinny stuff. What is a CPU again? Learn how and what to look for when you are looking for mobile devices, tablets and those things called Smart phones.