Installing Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview on VirtualBox

The video is short and to the point about getting your Windows 8 Preview setup on your Windows XP or Windows 7 box without having to install the OS on your hard drive.

We all know that once you download and install it by using the EXE file or ISO image you're going to need to format and reinstall your old OS. It clearly states that just under the page folder at the windows 8 download page.

Now, VirtualBox.Org is needed for this demo. You can use Hyper-V as well. I just didn't take that video. (Don't have screen capture on the Hyper-V server).

Other than that, pause it and don't let the mouse make you dizzy.


The best way to run Windows 8 from your Windows XP or Windows 7 computer is in a virtual environment. You will not be able to roll back if you did install it directly on your computer. We will have a series of application videos showing you new things with Windows 8 as well as Windows 7