Working with Virtual Machines aka Virtual Computers

As much as it may sound like "HAL 9000", virtual machines are really gaining ground in both the developers market and consumers market.

Not only do you have choices you have very stable free versions to choose from that most home computer users will enjoy.

In this section of Computer Boot Camp I'll help a few of you with setup and configuration of your new Virtual Machines.

I'll even point out what helps keep your virtual machine running smooth and what you can use it for that you shouldn't do with your host operating system or physical machine.

If you haven't installed a virtual box on your Windows 7 computer it might be time you start working with test environments and leave your main operating system environment for work.

It's a very good idea to learn this because of our online computer training system runs only Virtual Machines. You don't have to set them up but it's always good to know your way around Virtual Box systems and Hyper-V systems.

Setup your virtual computer so you can install other operating systems and run your older applications. Or just enjoy the years of what you learned at a glance.