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This area will give you a heads up on some of the software boot camp articles I am working on. If you're fast you can take the topic and publish it to Computer Mags around the globe.

Or, you can wait until I finish and just link back to it.

I'll have some good things going online that might be out of this Virtual World!

How to Guides with third party software vendors.

Having problems with specific software?

Learn how to installed and correct simple issues with your third party software vendors.

Printers, Faxes, Scanners are nearly always controlled by third party software.


Adobe Viewer

Tuesday Apr 10 2012
Adobe Reader and ARM the auto update manager. When I update Adobe at least once each month unless some security notice has been posted I always seem to have added steps to run. Remove or disable the update manager, settings etc. This post will track the processes I use to setup my Adobe each update or version change.

To help those select few understand just how long it takes to setup, review and create help and self service documents I will be posting here software that I plan on working with and some that are in the works. You might find your answer before I'm finished which might takes weeks if not months at times. Not that it takes months but I do get busy.