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When you first find the database error then other errors you know you are working with a java script that is attempting to access a text type of data base. Welcome to BASC-II The quick fix if you're reading this is to update your main java app from sun java and then reinstall the java cab from the CD or your local drive.

BASC-II Java Errors and Your New Friend Mr. Jar.

UPDATE 8-10-2012: If you are still having issues with this application after reading all the help files associated with the Jar files I would suggest clicking the live technical support chat. I have been able to repair these systems and correct "ALL" errors. Let me say it this way, if you have spent 5 hours on this which I did my first time maybe 20 minutes of my time is worth it, what do you think?


This post has two articles and one security warning.

The JavaScript based Database connections have always been of a major security concern.

BASC II is an older application that once it was developed it was only patched a few times and never again touched.

It's so old I've counted about 21 java issues and exploits that have been updated since that application.

Now that you're looking at a Java Script error saying (i have a screen shot here someplace) "Cannot connect" that's about the short version.

Now, do yourself a favor and update your script. Then surf over to Pearson Support website which you might have to call them for because it's not linked from their sales site very well.

After you've wasted about 3 hours maybe more find the CD and install the old java script setup that's on the CD with a text document explaining why this has to be done. The answer has always been on the disk but we or should I say you didn't look. Feeling silly now? Don't worry, their technical support didn't know it back when I found it either. You can find the answer at Pearson's support that reads very closely to how I published it a few java updates ago.

Update Sun Java the install the java cab from the disk. After that, disable the automatic updates for your javascripts. You'll need to make sure you manually update them from this day forward or ... You guessed it, Java Script Error connecting to database.

When I find th old document with version numbers I'll post it. Until that time, here's your reading link to Pearson Support.

BASC-2 ASSIST Plus Scoring and reporting locks or freezes on load. Pearson Software

BASC-2 Assist Vineland JavaScript issues. Application locks up or appears to be a lockup several times. I can't say why yours might be doing the same things but here are few tips that might help you get BASC-2 loading again.

(((( Tech Tip: Read "Left to Right, Top to Bottom" identify the Java platform you have installed on your computer. (vs 29) then be sure to update the newest platform then go backwards installing the platforms Vineland software requires. (On the disk). This software is not updated correctly in our opinion. If you allow Java to update you may see your old packages removed. The Auto update feature (java) looks for older platforms. The key is to do network updates for your java not the auto updates. ))))

BASC-2 and PRQ ASSIST as well as Vineland-II ASSIST are seriously dependant on java and screen resolution.

Steps and Tips for Vineland-II ASSIST and Vineland-II ASSIST TEACHER.

Windows 7 may downgrade your display to be closer to what BASC or Vineland require.

You should have updated your Sun Java by now.

Now, from what I have been told this application (BASC-2) hangs almost always.

I have seen it hang which requires the user to end process to close the program.

Installing on Windows 7:

  1. Update your Javascript for your computer.
  2. Download the j2re-1_4_2_080-windows-i586-p from Pearson
  3. If after Step 1 your BASC still doesn't run lower your screen colors and resolution.
  4. If after Step 3 your BASC hangs then install STEP 2.

The following are addtional notes for this very simple but difficult at times to install due to this applications Java hasn't been updated since 2005.

First of all make sure you have the most updated software.

BASC-2 after Vineland installation may ask to update the database then prompt you for your license information.

BASC-2 Troubleshooting.

Once again JavaScript packages have to match the application. If you have updated your Windows 7 or XP with the newest Java (29 at this time) your can do a simple test to see what the application is doing by following these steps.

  1. Close all programs. (All means web browsers as well.)
  2. Open BASC-2 and watch for Windows 7 message about lowering screen resolution.
  3. Once your BASC-2 is up and running open Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
  4. Make a note if you see a popup screen showing the newest Javascript needs to be installed.
  5. Click Ok to install the Javascript.
  6. Close out your browser and close BASC-2.
  7. Open BASC-2 again.

You should not experience any type of javascript error. You should not see the BASC-2 application hanging either.

If you see an error of "Unable to complete scanning update."

Click OK and login.

This is the next error screen I'll be asking Pearson support about. It appears to be looking for a scanner or it might be due to the database not having anything recorded.

The BASC-2 32bit version is online and can be downloaded from the Pearson Assessment Support website.

Quick note: If this is an old installation that is showing the program loading but never goes beyond the splash screen do the following.

Locate the BASC-2 folder in your Programs File or Root directory.

Right mouse click on it then left mouse click properties.

Go to Security and add your username to the list. Allow yourself full access.

You can quickly check this by modifying the Everyone group but be sure to not leave this at full access.

I found when a different user attempts to access the program the write function of the program requires elevated user permissions.

Next: 32bit vs 64bt versions. I was told the BASC-2 would not run on a 64bit platform but on the Lenovo Windows 7 Pro 64bit it runs just fine. I'll double check my notes when I get the laptop back for testing. Not sure why they told me different. But you need to download the platforms that match your hardware. (32bit or 64bit)

Also you need to install the Platform I which will act as your lauch platform for older Pearson software. The Platform II is from what I understand the newer software.

From the Downloads section it will show the platform you need to install. Be sure this is updated because it does effect how the applications run and offers you additional options.

If you have any questions or scenios that you need to debug post them in the comments box. I have a few systems I can test and attempt to recreate the issue you are having.

CONTINUED: Oct. 5th 2011 Technical Tests:

If you are still having problems with running BASC II on your new 64bit Operating system Windows 7 64bit try the XP Compatibility Mode which also has been tested and works just fine.

You should read this page from Microsoft regarding the XP Compatibility Mode for Windows 7.

Be sure to follow the installation instructions and identify your Service Pack version (SP1) .

1. Install XP Compatibility Mode

2. Install Windows Virtual PC.

Then Right Click on BASC and open with XP Compatibility Mode (Virtual PC)

If you have any questions feel free to use the comments box below.

Additional Notes:

5-17-2012 by Murray

Is BASC II Windows 7 Compatible? Short answer, Yes, it will run.

Longer answer with concerns: Because BASC II uses an older JavaScript design to create the internal database connection that contains PHI (HIPAA) this could be a compliance problem if and when recommendations from NIST are enforced.

More research regarding this version of JavaScript will need to be completed before I can say if this is safe to run on a typical network. Safe meaning that you are in compliance with NIST.Gov recommendations which by default, using out of date software is not part of the standards.



When you first find the database error then other errors you know you are working with a java script that is attempting to access a text type of data base. Welcome to BASC-II The quick fix if you're reading this is to update your main java app from sun java and then reinstall the java cab from the CD or your local drive.