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If you are the IT person that have just inherited some old Windows XP system (32 or 64bit) and now are attempting to install any number of software on your new perfectly designed Windows 7 Ultimate system complete with Bitlocker drive encryption and Seagate's SED Self Encrypting Drives you've come to the right place.

I've setup over 28 applications for this medical field and out of the 28 applications, not a single one could possibly pass any basic HIPAA audit in their current format. (this doesn't include ADM online)

Your first clear clues should be the passwords and for some the SQL 2005 database that my neighbors kid knows how to hack remotely.

It's a time consuming process so if you have questions please use the service desk ticket system to send a note. Reference any Therapist software you have questions on. Our service group does have virtual desktops preinstalled with most all Pearson's software (less licenses) but it offers a great lab for viewing how to setup the software following NIST.Gov guidelines. (not a free service but worth it when you think $100 per issue x 28 software applications with more than one issue.)

Don't be shy, questions are welcome.  

Look for some great videos and some insight on how you can make a complete HIPAA issue into a safe to use application.

It's the Sea Blue method which requires attention to details and learning your software. I'll be hear to help those that are willing to help themselves.

Assessement Computer

Thursday Jun 2 2011
Set up a Therapist computer system using Windows 7 and Assessement Software. There is allot of different ways you can setup Assessment computers. I have seen many in the Assesement medical industry make the same mistakes. The mistakes they make are in how they setup their computer to be able to comply with HIPAA regulations. There is only one method to setup your computer and it's one software application at a time reviewing each one at a time. Take baby steps and learn from IT professionals that know process and procedures.

BASC-II JavaScript

Tuesday Apr 19 2011
When you first find the database error then other errors you know you are working with a java script that is attempting to access a text type of data base. Welcome to BASC-II The quick fix if you're reading this is to update your main java app from sun java and then reinstall the java cab from the CD or your local drive.

CPT II K Assessments

CPT-II and CPT-K Assessment applications need to be upgraded from the SQL 2005 Express version to the SQL 2008 version. It's also important that you understand how the application is used and how to backup the application correctly. I have see people completely distrot the data because they didn't spend the time to learn the application. CPT does not export to EXCEL it even states that in the help files. Learn more but if you really need help I can remotely configure the full software application.

Therapist, Assessment, Psychological Software Applications