Remote Desktop Software Boot Camp.

When you are done letting Boris use your computer while you sleep unplug your ethernet cable and start paying attention to the warning signs.

Remote Desktop makes life so easy, even for them.

I'll be reviewing on a users level the remote desktop applications we have available today. Also on a technical level but I'll post them in a place called. (hint is technical)

Now, we all know how much I enjoy working remotely. I've been connecting for years. Actually, I started with my first NT 4.0 server via a dial up modem. Now that was pure joy. To prevent unauthorized access I just made sure the phone line was busy or that the cord was unplugged. Simple in the old days.

But today? Look out! If you have nothing on your computer then you are safer than the one working remotely for that Pay Day Loan place and I'll explain why.

Questions posted or sent in that are or will be answer here.

  1. Can you use your Intranet to remote desktop into another computer? (Fast answer, if both computer can connect to each other yes. In your LAN (Intranet) environment they will need to be reachable via the same subnet.) 



RD Keyboard Commands

Wednesday Aug 17 2011
Remote Desktop Keyboard Commands, Terminal Server Keyboard shortcuts, key commands. When working remotely some of our local keyboard commands change. If you are using RDP (remote desktop) or an old version of terminal server these key board commands will come in handly.

Intel Remote Assist RPAT

Tuesday Feb 15 2011
Intel Remote PC Assist Technology (Intel RPAT). Is it gone for good? Intel has always been ahead of the learning curve when it comes to motherboards, processors and network adapters. The RPAT technology is or was no exception. It sounds great but did it really fail or was it put in the wrong hands?

Learn what software setups you can run remotely and learn the remote desktop software application you have. Be sure to visit the boot camp training on remote desktop connections so you can take that hacked system offline and fix it right for a change.