How to Guides for Microsoft Windows XP SP3.

We have to specify that this section is only for XP SP3 (Service Pack 3) systems. The changes between SP1, SP2 make troubleshooting, offering help and how to guides for older versions is nearly impossible because of the changes.

We have deprecated the XP service in that we are keeping the XP machines alive until hardware issues out weight the cost of ordering a new system from us.

Think of this How To Guide as your last effort to keep your Microsoft Windows XP SP3 alive until the money hits the bank for your new 64Bit OS Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate.

TCPIP Stack Error 31

Monday May 14 2012
TCP/IP Stack issue with Error 31 Rebuild TCP/IP The Error Code 31 for Windows XP is not always related to the Sony CD Drive issue. But if it is, you'll find that fix here as well. Search Sony CD. For those that can't get online and your NIC is working fine follow this article.

Xtreme Computer How to Guides for Microsoft Windows XP SP3