Microsoft Office Items that might help

I'm not going to publish hundreds of pages of tips and tricks for MS Office. You'll find other websites that do that just fine and I might even link a few from time to time when I use their resources.

For my end I've been asked if you can transfer Macro's from older office programs to the newer versions of office.

Simple answer is, "YES"

The longer answer is, "Well, that's if you have all the same structures and you are Ok with the VB editor or Notepad++ ".

You see, it's simple to create a Macro, I mean really simple. Not like my first Macro in Office 97. But instead of going back in time let's push forward.

Look for Macro errors under Office Macro Errors.

Let the fun begin!

Office Macro Errors

Office Macro Errors and Compile errors As much as you like debugging it may be time you stopped and just learned from others. I am a master at Google Search for Errors but sometimes you just need to debug a few and share back to the Google Search Masters like myself. Here are a few Compile Errors I have noticed from default Record Macro settings.

Office 2010 Macros 1

I have 2 documents that break under the following setup: Office 2010 Pro or 2010 Pro Plus with Windows 7 Ultimate or Enterprise. The documents work with XP, Vista, Win 7 Pro and Win 8 Pro using Office XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013. What can possibly make this type of error. It handles the document like it has a corrupted header.


A few simple notes about Microsoft Office products from Office 97, XP, 2002, 2010.