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It wasn't long ago your business server backups were stored on floppy disks. Today you can't even find new computers with a floppy disk drive.

With that said what do you use today to backup your system?

I have repeated the same lines over and over for more than 12 years. And they start off with.

"What data do you have on your computer that you can not live without?"

When you think about it, most of us just need our My Documents folders or Libraries backed up. Others we need to backup a full system to include the Operating system and all it's settings.

The Major reason to backup is Viruses. The second is Hardware failures. Both will make at times all your data a thing of the past if you do not practice simple backup methods.

Find my tips without Tricks because there is only one good backup I can claim. It's the one that actually can recover your system after failure.


Backup Drive Image

Wednesday Jul 20 2011
Should you create a drive image for your computer? Soon enough you're going to run into a computer problem. Before the dawn of the Internet Crash Dump Tapes, Backup Systems, Rebooting Processes were the first things you learned about computers.

Acronis SBS Backup

Monday Feb 7 2011
Acronis Small Business Server 2003 and 2008 Setting up group policy object. Setting up Group Policy for your Windows 2003 or 2008 SBS. Part of our ongoing education for business owners is learning how important it is for them to have good backup systems.

Backup software that is designed to backup your data might not be the same as backup software that actually creates an image of your entire hard drive. Which backup solution do you need and why is it so important. Find your backup, recovery, restore answers in the Computer Boot Camp, Software Applications Backup Software section of XtremeComputer.Com