Software Applications, what do you need to know?


Software is not going to be my focus but I will offer some information to those that have asked.

Everyone that uses a computer uses software. Some know the software better than their own car while others struggle with some of the basics.

I'll be offering some tips based on what I have seen people do and use and the questions you ask.

There are thousands of resources online about software. Be sure to search YouTube and others for video training.

Look forward to reading some of your questions. I can offer help with just about any Microsoft product from Office 97 to Office 2010 all operating systems and some of their free applications.

Feel free to use the contact form to ask your questions.

Special or Custom software applicationsicon

Many companies are running custom applications developed to run on specific platforms and operating systems.

We have run into some applications that have challenged us to the highest level while other custom applications seems to be easy to work with.

Our first group of applications will be for the Therapist of the world. Assessment applications and Psychological applications number in the hundreds. We will offer a few tips and many technical "Boot Camp" guides regarding installation and maintenance of this special industry software.

If you use software as part of your profession and have not had formal training or at least read every help file you are not doing your clients any favors at all. I'll point out the most common mistakes professionals make that change the word professional into something other than.


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Software Applications, Custom Applications, Industry specific Applications, learn more about software than you ever wanted to know.