Email Clients, Accounts, Hosting

Email is really the most basic of functions you can do online today.

But because we all don't have the same amount of experience using email we should learn some of the basics.

First, Al Gore didn't invent the internet. That was an engineer he just voted on letting it be a part of society.

Next, emails are not taxed. Nor are they paid for. But the services that send and the applications you use could be a paid service or paid software.

The topic of email covers thousands of training options. We are only going to list items that have been asked for. If you need training with Outlook or Webmail we can help.

To answer your first question:

Visit your ISP or Email domain providers help setting up email.

In short, if you want to use go to help and support. go to

You get the idea, every ISP or Email provider has different settings.

For technicians that use my servers you know what it is for both the SMTP and POP3 or IMAP settings.

If you have a question about your email application feel free to ask. If it's for setup to send email contact your ISP.


Reading Email Headers

Wednesday Feb 2 2011
Reading email headers. This document is intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to the behavior of email headers. It is primarily intended to help victims of unsolicited email

Outlook to Android

Reminders of what you need to remember to setup your corporate email so you can get your reminders and notes that you forgot. Or is that to remember? How to keep track of your configurations. I use my name and google search.

Outlook PST OST Errors

Microsoft Outlook PST and OST Errors We see them from time to time and when it's time to fix the issue we don't have time to search all afternoon for the fix. Here are my favorites that might help you. If you have a favorite "Error" and "Fix" send it in and I will add it to the list here.


Email Clients, Accounts, Hosting email accounts is a very big topic. I'll offer up some of the most common questions with a few simple answers.