Backup software How To's

As we wait for a large backup software application to download let's start getting setup to review the best methods of backing up systems and practice a full recovery from a failed system.

The software manufacturer might make claims to just how well their backup applications work but until you try it you will really never know.

If you are running Microsoft Servers and use only the internal Microsoft Backup software that comes with your OS you might not be able to recover from a stolen hard drive. The automatic system recovery process doesn't hold enough information to reinstall your server software to a new similar hard drive. It really only works with the current hard drive. But, in our best case recovery environment which isn't data damaged disks it's stolen computers or disk, you'll never be able to get back up and running fast. 

Look to the links before for the different backup application software we have tested and reviewed.

Boot Camp Backup Software Introduction!

 You might not know this but I have trained many technicians in the field over the years. One other fact you might not know that I'll share with you Marine Corps Boot Camp was like a Vacation for me. Now let me get to the point and it might be more than one point I will make.

  1. If you think System Restore is a backup you will be paying a service tech for your next virus removal or corrupted software installation.
  2. If you have never setup a backup application you need to hire (me) or someone else that is qualified to help you setup your backup.
  3. If you have a backup application and don't use it. What? Why?

Basically if you don't have a backup and something goes very wrong you're not going to have one ounce of reason to cry over a $150.00 or more repair bill. (Even if I fix that rate much lower others will not.)

Let me tell you that I typically recover from a backup 5 times if not more each year. Things go wrong, servers become corrupted, workstations get viruses and all this can be corrected in just about 1 hour if you have a good known working backup.

Now, I hope you got my message clearly. This is computer backup Boot Camp and I don't feel sorry at all if you don't have an old hard drive to backup your new Toshiba or Dell with. Get one!

Ready for the warm and fuzzy part? Microsoft has finally made their backup software work. That's right, I would never have used it if I didn't test it on a few systems. In Windows 7 Professional there is a great drive imaging called Backup. You'll also find it on Windows Server 2008.

For the Windows 7 Home users I do believe you're still going to need a better solution and Acronis is still the best for that. But you have to set things up and you need to test it.

I'll detail the steps for you and show you how you can use your own backup drive as your recovery drive for testing.


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