Xtreme Computer Boot Camp Training

In this section I'll be publishing some simple boot camp training guides.

What is Computer Boot Camp Training?

It's when your Trainer (me) shows you what you should know to be able to work with the item. Like in any boot camp you will be offered and shown then required to learn so if you don't like the idea of learning then any boot camp would not be for you.

If you are here for the i10 Processors that for some reason had a press release and no release I'll be changing that to what actually did come out on the market. Look in the Computer Buying Guide for that information.

We will be covering the following Boot Camps in the coming weeks.

  1. Microsoft Word 2010
  2. Microsoft Excel 2010
  3. Microsoft Power Point 2010
  4. Microsoft Movie (similar to movie maker but easier)
  5. Microsoft Server 2008 R2 Administration.
  6. More to come.

When a new Boot Camp is published you'll find resource links back to Microsoft or the software vendor's website. There is no reason to write a boot camp lesson if I find some great resources online so if our content is short and you find a few links it's only because the information is perfect for a boot camp style training session.

Computer Boot Camp and Training Center Online.

If you have ever found yourself asking "How do I" questions while working on your computer you're not alone.

Technicians ask questions all the time in technical forums and in online learning centers.

I personally spend 2 to 3 hours each week reviewing new IT equipment and software to keep ahead of the repair industry.

We need to first help you learn how to find the help you are looking for. It's not easy asking a question about something you don't understand. But, we do have ways of helping you if we know what you are or were doing.

All technicians will ask some basic questions so they know a little about your computer system.

Required Information:

1. Operating System Make and Version (Windows Version)
2. Antivirus Name and Version.
3. Firewall Name and Version.
4. Errors with exact wording. (This includes blue screens)

If this is email related.
1. Email Program and version

If this is web browser related (Firefox, IE, etc)
1. Browser Name and Version.

Welcome to Computer Training and Boot Camp.

When did you send your first email? Did you find it easy? I can remember my first email. It was 1982 and the screen was black with block style letters. I could type up to 250 characters before having to do about 5 key commands to scroll and attach more letters. No spell check, no special characters and it was an important email.icon

I had to ask someone twice where the "Send" command key was. I was called slow that first day but at the end of my first month behind a computer I was Number 1 in my work section. All it took was finding the right person to show me the commands and then it was all me and how I used those commands.

You might not know anything about computers or you might be in the middle group of knowing enough to be dangerous but not enough to know when to stop. FDISK /MBR and FDISK are things you might never have heard of but I know I formated my first laptop (1989) with that command experimenting with what it did.

 Here you are welcome to submit your questions as a member or anonymously.

You can use the form below to ask your questions. To help you better there is a little information we will need and believe it or not we are going to make a training video and training page teaching you how to ask a question and submit information that is needed to answer your question.

Example: What is OS? Answer: OS stands for Operating System.

What Operating System (OS) do I have? Answer: What does your computer display while you turn it on? (Boot) Or can you "Right Mouse" click on an icon My Computer? Can you click on a Start button?

When you start thinking of all the different operating systems we need to first teach you how to tell the differences between Windows XP Home and Windows XP Professional. Vista Media Center, Vista Media Center Premium, Windows 7 Starter, Windows 7 Home, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Server 2003, SBS 2003, etc..

Help is always better when those that are helping know what you are seeing. Are you viewing your desktop in a Classical Setting or Icon setting known as Category view?

Look for some very basic training pages and videos but don't let that stop you today. If you have a question post it using the form (blank box) below.

The NUMBERS are called CAPTCHA numbers. You need to enter those for the posting to work. We will even tell you what and why captcha is important.



Computer Boot Camp is designed to help you launch into your application with the speed of light. Well, maybe not that fast but I will be publishing some training people have requested in the past. The idea is to learn new things and not reivew things from last year.