XCtM Countermeasures, electronic style

Once upon a time when the blue moon hit the cows ass over the barn there was a script born of that time played havoc in the electronics world. A time of Chaos, malice and mayhem, Oh how I miss those old days.

That script was called.... "a hack"

So what now, you've been working your rear off creating the best you can and following all the best practices to defend against that blue moon, cow jumping, ass burning barn type of a hack.

You really can't do much more than keep on top of things. It's great to know when you've been hacked other than reading about it at a few of our online sites that show proof.

If you develop for the web you are a target. Like it or not, it's just a matter of time.

So when you find some things that aren't right what do you do?

Well I can't speak for the blue moon group but I can speak from a burning ass group, I learn and adapt to their style when needed.

The Countermeasures section also is what we call Counter-Countermeasures in that we take something broken and make it work for us.

I have years of articles for this section dating back before it was bad to be a whitehat. But because of the nature of the business I'll be only showing countermeasures and counter countermeasures to appear more netural.

But, I will use actual data from the blue moon group. The ass burning, barn jumping, cow tipping group.

Electronic Countermeasures was one of my favorite subjects years ago. Code countermeasures is not my favorite subject because some have more time to create new methods which makes my day much longer creating countermeasures.