Pharma Spam Networks near you. Only for Reference Material.

It's been about 6 months since I've created any diagrams of the Pharma Botnets. I really didn't think I had to do this again. You would think after 15 years of the same old Pharma Spam to the same old site I control they would avoid me like some Black Plague.

No, it's not this site they really enjoy spamming. It's another but they really don't learn fast.

Maybe if I do a really good job with the Net controllers they will stop visiting me and visit you my reader more!

Well, if you had applications like the XCtM Program you too could be making BotNet Diagrams and publishing them as a "Stop Please" notice.

Pharmaceutical Spam BotNets by XCtM Project Lead Murray W.

Welcome to the IT Administrators world of logs, logs, and logs.


If you are looking for a botnet design here is another that visited and gave me all the information needed. This is published for those that are using IP blocking. If you have one IP in this mix block them all because they all come from the same control system. FYI, it's not nice to send Pharma Spam to me. It is the spam of my choice to detect. Pick something like Vacation Spam or similar, Pharma spam is so boring.





One of my personal favorites with the XCtM project is the world of Pharma Spam or Pharmaceutical Spam. You know the stuff, Zertec, Viagra, Cel.. blah blah blah. Some old stuff Different BotNet... Speaking of BotNets, Might as well list a few.