Keep Scripting and pass the snippets please. 

Like any good programmer you never delete anything. In fact, you keep all the code snippets in a big folder and just keep naming them Draft-1, Draft-2, etc.

I know I have some very long Server login scripts that do so much to help the end user I thought it might be good to share a few if not all with new programmers and developers.

The first scripts are going to be from other programs that I found offered some great little pieces of the puzzle if not all the pieces.

I'll have several Server AD login scripts and checks going online. Some very simple ideas have made some great scripts.

Keep Scripting and always share what you don't sell!

Keep your Var's named so you know it's you and close that dang object when it's not needed. Don't wait for the end of the script.


XCopy Files vbs

Wednesday Apr 18 2012
Using XCopy in a script is really a time saver when you have everything setup. I've used Vic Laurie script as an easy method to copy things over to my thumb drive. It's a click, click yes, browse, browse, click copy. This is what it takes, clicks. No applications to install and best of all it works! I'll see if I can email Vic to see if he has newer scripts that can help people do simple things and give programmers some creative ideas. Other authors will be listed in their code snippets.

Map FTP Folders vbs

Wednesday Apr 18 2012
This is a simple script that I made to map remote users to the FTP server after they connected via VPN. It also can map LAN NAS units and is simple for those that need things simple. Name the file FTP_LAN_MAP.vbs and modify the folder names and locations. You can use UNC instead of the FTP that I have in the script as well.

Having collected hundreds of scripts and made hundreds myself over the years I thought it would be a good idea to bring them back online for some of the new developers. This might help you finish a project or atleast give you an idea that helps you finish your project. I'll give create to the authors that have created the code sames that I'll post. And if I have time I'll try to see what they are up to today.