Google Applications, AdSense to Android....

Wait a minute, that's only A to A...

Hey Google! What app do you have that starts with a Z?

Don't tell me, Zeus because I know that inside joke.

 /\\\\ NOTE!!!! ////\

This isn't about Applications like the coders group it's where I will be reporting Rogue Apps with Appid when they spam or attempt to do more than the Terms and Connections of Google Apps Group.

This came about when I posted a question of how to report bad apps and they pointed to a form. A form? Are you kidding me? Where's the API that I can link up, sync up and report up without touching my keyboard?

Well, I have such an API now I'm just going to wait for the coders to do the same on their end.

Until then, look for posts about apps that I have banned from accessing any network I monitor. Why ban them? You'll see once you see the SQL injection codes, javascript exploits and the lot. It's easier to see an app gone bad because they are looking for things not on my website but behind it.

Google Applications from AdSense to Android

Google Applications are really cool when you can setup and get things running. Like any application things change from time to time and you need to stay on top of things.

Below the comments box you will find links to Google applications we have articles about.

In this section you should find topics we are working on and past items we have written about.

Today we have found an issue with FireFox 5.0 and Google AdSense not loading correctly on first page load.

This issue is posted in hundreds of websites and starts from FireFox 3.0.

We haven't seen this issue before and the Flush your Cache, Cookies fix doesn't seem to work with the newest FireFox version.

This article is below. Open comments are welcome and any code advice and tips is also welcome as long as it complies with Google AdSense policies. (IFrame with AdSense is not the answer.)

appid: domaintraker Spam

Wednesday Nov 2 2011
Tracking the Tracker appid: domaintraker. When Traker meets XCtM Tracking with ease. Today let's take a quick look at how to identify a bad appengine app and / or an appengine app that can be abused without the owner / creator of the app knowing. There is a report abuse form but until we can post using an app... It offers training...

appid: aking-741 Spam

Thursday May 26 2011
Is the Google AppEngine ID: appid: aking-741 posting Spam to your Website? Are you receiving Website spam from the Google App Engine? Are you seeing the Application ID of appid: aking-741. Do you know how to lookup and report this application on the Google Code Groups AppEngine as a Spammer?



When you need to know about a Google Application but not on the warm and fuzzy review side this might be the place you find some of the issues even the Google App Developers do not see.