My Collection of Errors, Debugging Notes

Let's face it, if you're reading this you've either inherited the code from a programmer that has been retired for months and doesn't want to relive that part of his or her life again.


You're trying to convert (bad word) to MVC or another programming language and your last resort was this site.


Ok, you're into serious brain games and you just don't want to give up on ASP Classic. Just like you didn't want to replace that pager with a mobile telephone. I know the feeling.

First, Thanks to Chen founder of SmartWin Technology in Australia back in 1997. That day I learned more about ASP than I could have in any classroom. I did pay and it was worth every penny. Matter of fact it appears he still has the code up. Great work.  that showed me my first ASP code site and did all the work. (Yes, I paid my first time. Didn't you?)

Anyway, look for sub cats here and I will be moving things around to make it easier to find later.


Out of Memory Line 0

Thursday May 19 2011
Out of Memory Line 0 ASP Classic SQL vb scripts. The Out of Memory Line 0 was one issue very difficult to correct when using shared hosting servers.

Buffer Limit Exceeded

Wednesday Feb 16 2011
Response object error ASP 0251 : 80004005 Response Buffer Limit Exceeded z.asp line 0 Response object error 'ASP 0251 : 80004005' Response Buffer Limit Exceeded /yourasppage.asp, line 0 Execution of the ASP page caused the Response Buffer to exceed its configured limit. This is a tough one to crack if you use allot of For loops..

SQL directly no cursor.

Error # -2147217900 was generated by Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers [Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 10.0][SQL Server]Executing SQL directly; no cursor. Have you see this error? I have, and it's going to be difficult to explain but I'll do my best. It's going to be different for you I bet, but if you work with the code I bet you will find what is really causing this error.



This is by no means the defacto when it comes to ASP Classic Errors. I have to say I have seen my share of them over the past 12 years but with that said I also know how to make a few errors be a thing of the past. I'm not spending allot of time on this section but I will share my notes as I convert or should I say create new applications based on my old apps. I know about 50 .Net ASP errors now that I started!