Code Samples, Examples and Working Functions.

When I was learning ASP Classic I skipped all the study time by jumping right into the mix. Then I went back and purchased a book or two.

If I had to do it all over again I bet I would repeat every mistake I made the first time. But, with what I know today I would debug faster.

Go figure, same mistakes but finding them faster.

That's the one thing you learn right away. How to setup debug scripts to see what is really going on. I've spent weekends debuging Friday's code.

I know one coder has a Motto, which goes something like, Why code on Friday when all you're going to be doing is debugging it on Monday. Something like that, he was talking about coding and the hours people work. He advised not doing long hours because of all the mistakes you'll make.

He is right in that thinking. I did it, but I have also spent long hours updating code pieces that needed it. Before we worked with modules as much it was page after page in some cases.

I hope you find what you are looking for here. I can help with simple things if I know the code output you are looking for.

I do also still program some applications mostly monitoring systems, apps and logging. It's still VBScript which I have in my servers running today.

Have a good Code Error free Buffer Un-Limit-ed Day!


Redirect ASP to Net

Tuesday Apr 10 2012
One of the most time consuming processes is getting your 1.5 million link references over to your new .Net or php pages that you have just setup. Coming from ASP on IIS and going to another program style is not what we look forward to but it's something we have to do at times. This sample snipplet of code should give you a good idea of how to handle all your query based dynamic pages. Static redirects for pages can be made from another code sample I'll place online that was called Smart-iA 404 search. Google didn't like it but it worked like a charm making every 404 page a good page in the end. By the way, I searched and searched for a ASP.Net version of this and instead of assoicating .ASP Classic with .Net I didn't find a solution.

ASP Proxy Detect

Wednesday Feb 16 2011
How to detected a proxy connection using ASP Classic and WinHTTP.WinHTTPRequest.5.1. One thing that ASP Classic offered was limits on the programmer based on their creativity. Now, this article is old but when I read that WinHTTP style is coming back into fashion with MVC 3.0 and I've been a long time fan of WinHTTP I'll start posting up the scripts I used and when I have time the conversions in MVC.

Forum Spam Check ASP

Stop Forum Spam ASP SQL Classic code. If you're running one of those old fashioned out of date ASP websites or have a guest book, forum or membership site running ASP Classic you might find Stop Forum Spam to be a helpful resource. But how do you do all the stuff the PhP People are doing in ASP? Answer: You code it!



I'll be posting up some pages but not all pages of code that I have on a few sites. Over the years the sites got more detailed and the code pages longer. There are hundreds of functions that might help you fix some old code or get things ready to migrate over to MVC