ASP Classic SQL Scripts, Code, Errors, Code notes.

Over the years we all seem to have accumulated hundreds of bookmarks to our favorite ASP sites. Now that we ASP classic programmers have reached our "EOL" it's time to stop bookmarking sites that have all but been abandoned.

I've seen just about every code error you can imagine in ASP Classic. It's not because I looked for them it's because I have created more bugs in code than I can remember thus generating more errors than I can remember.

Now that I've started the transformation over to .Net (waited until my 2.0 book was dusty) I thought I'd clean out my old notepad and post up the errors I've experienced over the years. I'm not promising these errors will match what you have seen. I've read the MSDN site pages and have searched hours on end looking for simple "Out of Memory Line 0" answers. The answer I found was no answer matched.

Use this section to fuel thought and ideas. No real ongoing support for ASP  Classic will be given here but I'll add links to other sites that have answers or at least something that might get you going in the correct direction.

I've heard that many programmers that don't know ASP but know .Net have been slated to covert or develop matching applications as the old ASP page. Now that project I might be able to help you.

Enjoy the last year with ASP Classic SQL scripts; PowerShell for our Vbs etc.

TECH NOTE: For those ASP Classic lovers that have put off reading that .Net ASP 2.0 book you purchased I want to let you know that the MVC C# code is going to be so easy for you. From my first day working with .Net ASP compared to the .Net MVC (if I can call it that I'm still new) it was so easy to fire off some pages. In fact, I was able to read the old code, type the new code and see something actually work! It also is called Razor so do yourself a favor and sell that 2.0 (yes, I know it's old) and buy a new book. This time READ IT! (Note to self)

ASP Classic SQL Scripts, Code, Errors, Code notes, how we are tranforming our ASP site to .Net . I thought this was completely gone but now that I'm setting up MVC and have inherited a few old APS Classic sites I'll fire up the old error log book again. Oh Joy!