Application Developers Users Community.

Let me start off with one simple line...

"No one wants your application so stop thinking it's a goldmine."

Now that I have tuned your attitude down a notch let me offer up something more positive.

The Developers section has been normal used to review applications and to publish issues with applications. This by design was to help the application developers fix the things we end users see.

We all know you have your coders groups, your website and every social media outlet in the world that you say "Post up any issues" which is fine. But when a technician posts an issue and the coder talks like the tech is off his or her rocker then it's just pure arrogance on the developers part.

That's why here at this site we post up known issues or some nice issues without having to worry about some developer getting all upset that we didn't know the config button in the bottom required a touch pen to activate it.

Have fun ready and I'll get up the old appid list of those rouge Google Apps that carry a punch for server owners. How many virus infected apps did they have for download?

I haven't had any issues with most of the developers that I have communicated with but I have had clients and others tell me they got no where. In fact, one California company that sells iPAD POS (point of sale) units couldn't get his app to work for over 20 days. The warranty was for 30 and he told his customer (here in town) to call someone local. I did the work and did I find some issues that developer didn't want to hear.

That's what you are going to read here in the Application Users section and you'll find some Developers that I really think have a good thing going.

The Old Coders Group section will be going up under this section as soon as I find that old notebook on how to code the coders group code.

App Developers often don't take the end users into mind when they are attempting to explain simple things. I have run into many apps and have worked with several application developers just fine. But on the other hand, I have worked with some that should just leave this planet.