Windows 10 Articles, Knowledge gained from usage.

Here's my first introduction to Windows 10 as an IT Administrator. 

I have 1 workstation running Windows 10 Pro and 2 Virtual Machines on Hyper-V 2008 R2 running Windows 10 Pro. 

All systems have full Bitlocker Enabled drives and all were full upgrades from Windows 7 Pro 32Bit and 64bit for Virtual Machines as well as Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit for physical machines. 

I reached my minimum 10 things I need to fix or repair which sparked this section. 

I'll keep everything simple and not get into micro detail because I know you're at least 2 Windows OS experienced and know to work a mouse as well as a command line. 

Before you access any Windows 10 article or ask me any question you must be able to answer the following with Yes to all.

  1. Have YOU created a full bare metal backup of my Windows 7 system before upgrading to Windows 10?
  2. Have YOU enabled File Backup in Windows 10 and set it to copy every hour any changed files as designed?
  3. Have YOU Tested your full recovery process by replacing your primary Operating System Hard Drive with a New hard drive of equal or greater size?

If you answered Yes then you are able to format and recover your full computer system in less time than it takes to figure out how to create a Bitcoin account to pay off Ransom demands. 

My point is if by now you are not ready for complete failure with your OS drive you will never be, we are in the year 2015 going on 2016 and I've been saying the same thing since my Windows NT days. Backup what you can't afford to lose and make your process to full recovery as painless as possible. To say I had my NT 4.0 down to 13 hours from bare hard drive with no third party software. I simply reinstalled, configured and transferred my daily backups. It was long but not as painful as losing hundreds of websites because you didn't plan. 

Same with your Laptop, your Tablet and your SmartPhone, Script it every Friday to backup and you'll never be without. 

I'll offer my Backup and Recovery setup here as well as on my small cloud .com. 

No sence of me saying Good Luck, Luck has nothing to do with good backup processes. 



Backup with BitLocker

Tuesday Nov 17 2015
The Year, 2015 and it is about time you get your backup and recovery processes down to a simple 1,2,3 process. Since the NT days (forget about your DOS Days, you ran from 5.25 disks and your 40 pound hard drives were not in every household. It is time to learn, bare metal backup, file backup and how to hide your backups from viruses, neighbors and your 12 year old A.D.D. kid.

I wasn't going to create a Windows 10 section just like I didn't create a Windows 8 section if it wasn't worth the time to work with and fix. Now that I'm into my full versions of both Virtual Windows 10 and Physical Windows 10 Pro machines the section is required because I'm staying and fixing this OS.