IIS 7 Windows Web server 2008 

This section covers IIS 7 and IIS 7.5 which is what I run on my Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 servers respectively.

I also run both .Net and .ASP Classic sites some blended with both while others without.

I'm still not convenced that .Net can actaully do more than my .asp programming.
Sure, less memory, less time building, less code, less size, faster at times but the tricked out pages and the special in page SQL with SQL scripts makes it a very tough call.

If you have a problem with your IIS 7 or IIS 7.5 feel free to ask.

If you own your server you're most likely to have less problems than you have on a shared host. 


WWW In Your Bindings

Monday Aug 10 2015
When you think your IIS server can't serve a page using www.domain.ext but it works with domain.ext you might have overlooked something in your DNS server or your IIS server if not both. I see this issue more than one a month posted in forums around the globe and many just can't spell out the proper process to correct the issue. I hope this post is clear enough.

IIS 7.x Cache CSS JS

Wednesday Jan 28 2015
Caching is so important you really need to focus one full day on just this. Like many other developers I often focus on the speed after I have the content while the reverse would be much better for indexing in search engines. If you're an IIS owner than you're in luck, so am I. (I do also run Apache Tomcat and others but this article is about IIS Caching. Let's get to it and learn how to setup your cache per folder.


Wednesday Jan 28 2015
Missing mime type .svg / image And font/ttf ttf; and font/opentype otf; and application/font-woff woff; and application/vnd.ms-fontobject eot; Ok, you get it, this is how you can add MIME TYPE to your IIS server and get the dang thing running smoothly again.

IIS 7.x Cache GZip Web.Config

Thursday Jan 15 2015
When all you have is room to grow then code a little more and don't ever settle for less than 100 include pages. From my first Pentium 90Mhz IIS Server to my current I've always liked the Function and Sub of ASP Classic. I like it so much I have thousands of Functions and Subs doing things that the best of imaginations might never think of. I am saying I code allot, 2 MB is the max size of any single configuration of a page on my IIS ASP server. That's 2MB of Pure Dynamic Power Pages then I have to add that CSS and Java stuff you all want us to use. Now my page is big, slow and scores like crap on YSlow (75%) but 95% on others.

IIS 7 401.3 Unauthorized

IIS 7 HTTP Error 401.3 - Unauthorized Change the application pool from IUSR to Application Pool.

IIS Memory Config

IIS Server Web Server 2008 32Bit running ASP Classic pages may need more memory than your system has to offer. How to configure your cache to use drive space more than physical memory.

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One of the easiest yet most blasted by security holes is your IIS server and the code you put on it. Here are a few articles about keeping your IIS server running. Not all the fixes you will find at iis.net but some of the more day to day issues