Microsoft Software, is it back in Windows 10?

Since the first day I used Windows 8.0 and suffering as many others had suffered working the OS without a touch screen made it impossible for me to do any type of work fast. After 2.5 hours fighting with it all I loaded Windows 8 up into my Hyper-V server and used my Android Tablet via RDP to work the touch only type of OS. 

Today I'm giving Microsoft another shot at keeping desktop users like myself still in windows. 

The Windows 8 days allowed me to build out on Ubuntu which for any typically small office is what I recommend today. It's all about staying focused and Microsoft lost focus with the business user just about the same time Dell announced it doesn't do PC's. 

Anyway, this site will once again build out an OS based system working with Desktop Platforms that run for $500.00 or less. 

Yes, no more Xtreme Computer Gaming when you have other methods of gaming like a $500.00 system that connects directly to your 52" HDTV. 

Why even bother gaming when the 4K screens will allow for better graphics than your current monitor. Or at least allow you to really "See" the game by taking up the whole wall. 

I'm not going to take Gaming much if at all. 

I will be talking Development, Programming, Business and Workstations and what Microsoft 10 might have to offer. 

Today is my second day preparing my main development station for the online Windows 10 upgrade. 

I've had to backup and copy TB's of files to get ready. Then it will be a test of what software I have that doesn't run. (If any) 

Also, my first attempt will be focused on how much drive space are you going to need to complete the upgrade. 


Internet Explorer 11

Thursday Feb 6 2014
Here's my list of issues with IE 11 running on full HTML 5 compliant websites like mine. I'm not interested in adding JavaScript to make IE 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 work when I see that IE 11 is part of a update for Windows 7. If you have specific issues related to HTML5 operation drop me a line. This page is only for HTML5 issues using IE 11. My workstation has no Adobe products installed in IE 11. Updated JavaScript. The idea is to be able to run IE 11 without dependency on third party plug-ins.

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