Software Open Source - Free to Use with Community and Private Support

The software here is what I am running on my servers. 

I want to share the migration efforts with you so you can see we all are in the same boat looking for some type of balance that doesn't lock our investment into one manufacturer.

I have for many years been a big fan of standards. When the DOCX and DOCM came out I didn't think it was enough to stop any open source but you wouldn't have known that unless you actually used Office and LibreOffice side by side. 

Sure it takes a bit of time to learn the new applications but when you know both you are good to use any based more on overhead costs rather than standards because the open source groups seem to build toward standards better than others. 

I'd like to remind you that I'll be publishing what I use on my servers, virtual desktops and physical desktops. 



When software reached the point that most users cannot tell the difference between paid and free you know you are on the road to perfection. Here in this section I will talk about software that I have running on Windows and Ubuntu Workstations and Servers.