Wireless Network Design / Installation.

Design, survey, area coverage, speed tests and installation.

If you never had an RF Design area coverage survey completed for your home or office take a few minutes and visit MySmallCloud.Com to see just what it takes to build a wireless network that actually can do better than just the 3 bar connections. 

You need to be sure your networks are fast and not just a wireless dial-up when it comes to speed. 

I've seen more hotels and businesses working from a 28K/bps signal than ever before. 

It appears the "Do RF" tech thinks a desktop access point mounted inside a wall is the best solution for your wireless. 

If you're serious about making your Home of Office Wireless and are serious about pushing your download speeds to the maximum your mobile devices can handle then send a service request for your area survey. 

Service rates: 

  • $150.00 inside ceiling mount survey point of access point mounting.
  • $300.00 Rooftop, outside pole, outside wall or outer wall, limited access
  • $450.00 commercial buildings large area overage tower mounted (30ft add $10.00 per foot max 140ft single panel.)
  • $500.00 per AP for multi-floor coverage points restricted access cabling minimum 3 AP installs.

What you will get is a single level of no less than -75dBm at any point I have surveyed with key locations covering at -65dBm or better for the fastest possible data transfer speeds with common mobile devices. (54mb or better connections)

My goal will always be to assure 110Mb/s connection N speeds and depending on your device you should be in that range. 

Complete a service ticket to schedule your wireless access point survey. 


Wireless Network Design, Configuration, Installation.