Virtual Machine Services and Virtual Machine Management.

Years ago one of our service shops had on its outdoor sign,

"If you can imagine it, we can build it."

That was back in 1999 and even if we don't run that slogan on the outside of our service van it doesn't mean we still don't offer the same creative service.

If you have a special application that needs to run in a special environment and is Microsoft Windows based most likely we can create a virtual system that will do just what you need.

There are thousands of technicians running virtual machines and really enjoying the services. Windows machines have been in the dark for years while VMware lead the pack. Today more Windows users are using more virtual systems than ever before.

With every VM or Virtual Machine you run you have Software Support to manage. When one of our technicians updates and configures a new VM system we typically setup to share the system to provide feedback on the setup. Often times it's based on security and access. Other times it's used to demonstrate how a virus affects your computer. In any application we know that virtual machines often face the same issues as the physical operating system you're running your virtual machine on.

We offer a service that is an OEM service building virtual machines to suit your needs and your applications. We can build just about anything and then transfer the system to your working computer, update the licenses with those you own and you now have a virtual computer setup specifically for you.

So what makes the service so great? Well, we will hold the master or the clone for you online so you can at any time delete your Virtual Machine and download a fresh machine when service to restore your Virtual Machine starts to cost too much.

Our Virtual Machine Service is a shared online storage subscription with a onetime setup fee which covers our time working with you and your new computer, your virtual computer.



When you think you know everything about Virtual Machines you suddenly find that you don't. When you stop keeping up on a technology you often times find either the technology has been abandoned or advanced to the point you are now months behind the curve. We have setup a service to manage your virtual machines in a way that makes updating your system, cleaning out unwanted items and overall PC care as simple as a Friday afternoon download. Read about our Custom VM systems we build and manage for you.