The Technical Service Process and Procedures we follow.

Online support groups all have their own individual, business and corporate processes and procedures to follow.

We are not different in that respect and do have our specific Processes and Procedures in place and in this section we will review several of the most important processes that we feel will help you.

Our First Process is also a standard Procedure.

  1. All service members, technicians and editors of this site and all others that work with us as a group in the IT profession will be 100% Honest to each other, the customers and to yourself.

Simple fact that many aren't aware of is technicians are very honest in nature and it's only the scripts marketing has made that makes them sound not so honest. It's like the old mechanics issue we faced before their were processed and procedures governing them. If the mechanic broke something they would say it was broken and charge you to fix it. Some mechanics actually would break things as their repair simple things to increase the invoice amounts.

Honest starts at the web page you are visiting.

If you're not seeing profiles of technicians or the only thing you can find is a linkedIn profile of the person that owns the domain reselling affilate services you know it's the wrong place to be.

  1. Remove all non esestial personel from the technical group.



Marketing Online and Onsite Support Services:

Technicians aren't always the best marketing people a company can have. But, a good technician can be the best sales tool the market department can use.

You've most likely experience a dishonest person once or twice in your life. It would be safe to say that we all have had that. Technicians normally fall into the honest side of any business practice becuase they take great pride in their technical abilities which makes them their incomes and earns them the title Professional.

When online companies market with models from the overseas agency or offer 100% customer satifaction over 100% computer problem resolution we are now starting to see the differences in Processes and Procedures.

To avoid a bad review one company may have a money back garrentee. That's great but your computer issue is still an issue.

Others have create call center representitives that tell you all about their "Scope of Support" which after 20 minutes you find they can not help you. They work with the "Feel Good but it's still Broken" process.

Sometimes technicians can be rough around the edges like when the technician asks you to copy and paste and you say I'll just drag and drop you've just undermind the technican and became the technician yourself.

It's very clear in our processes that you will follow our advice and suggestions during the troubleshooting phase and report back all the information requested by the technician. Missing one step or thinking on your own changes our process and procedures. That makes the system break down and when that happens we'll refer you to Call center Sally's link.


technicians are the best sales tool a marketing team can use.

It starts from the single click from the search engine search results. In that single moment you should be able to see if the company you are searching for has been found.

The most important process we have is the honesty process. We will not hype up online services over onsite services because no single service

Some online technical support groups believe that marketing agency models as customer support representitives is the way to build trust and confidence in their services. We call them Call Center Sally's because most of the 8 images are used on hundreds of websites around the world.

We have our call center Murray which is used in one place.

Below are 4 images, click on the one that you think best leads to technical support. (Hint, it's not the models from the agency)

Sally -1 Call Center Sally -2 Mur Call Center Sally -3

The first thing any service business that has people in front of customers knows is to represent their workers correctly. We have technicians registered with with us and technical bios going online that are for you to see just who is really behind the screen working with you.

The images of models from the overseas agencies aren't the real people and it's all the marketing departments processes. I believe a smiling call center Sally is designed to make you feel better when you click the "Pay Now" links.

I can assure you that real headset wearing remote desktop service people don't all look like the images above. Especially the mug in the discounted knock-off Polo shirt.

Read about our basic processes in the page links below to see what we offer as technicians.

Our main goal is to correct, repair and service your computer, networks and servers which is what we focus on. We do our marketing honestly and do our technical service like professionals.

when it comes to offering online support services.

We are no different but then again we may be very different from many online support solution offering websites.

Let's be honest which is what we have asked the Business Marketing segment for years to do. But still, call center Sally still has her face on hundreds of affiliate marketing sites that actually distract from the actual qualified technicial support sites.

It's easy to see a Online Marketing Site and a Online Technical Site and here's our little test you can take.


Glad you didn't fall for it, I know a few sites that use the far left and right images with automated responses from a scripted database system. It's really fun when you ask "Are you human" and the system responds with "You found me out, no I'm not human" or something like that. Also if you're not one to hold back you'll find some big online sites have their automated systems shut off if you insult them. Insult a computer and they stop helping you just like when they hang up on you after you've been on hold, transfered and hold again for hours.

By the way, I'm not telling anyone elses story here. This is what I have experienced as a technician calling in for support (not computer) I've even had Cable companies give me the run around, 45 days to set up an account to a location that has cable and the first problem, (cut line) took 2 weeks and 5 field technicians. Well actually it was only one technician, the others just looked kind of lost but the one listened to simple processes and procedures I offered and about 45 minutes later had the issue identified and the problem was resolved in about an hour.

It was all about thinking logical processes and being honest when you don't know. When I mentioned 5 technicians I am not even joking a bit, I had enough so I setup test systems along the path of the cable pedestals to rule out all the classical "It's your wiring", "It's your ground", "It's your computer." Why don't they just come out and say it's all your fault not ours, our meters show everything is fine. (Yes, Fluke's do have an issue and it's the training manual on how to determine CRC to Signal. Lucky I have had years of experience on cable fault systems.)

So you see, it's not just the technical group you select it's also the technicians.

Some start off with, "That will be $49.95 to look at your computer problem." while others we have heard start with a virus scan that seems to always discover viruses at a subscription plan over $160 per year after they help you for $69 to remove the viruses and sell you some other software that most likely is free or cheaper than you would get from them.

Our Process Starts by Identifying your specific issue. Most times it is virus related so download and applications follow our advanced settings guide and run that scan over and over (3 times both) rebooting and disable your automatic restore deleting all infected restore points. Next you need to find out what and how your computer was infected. Was it our little Billie? Friends of Billie? Did we surf a site that was hacked and infected? Did we download a new MP3 and find a MP3 virus?

The list is long but the best process and procedure starts with understanding what our computer issue is all about, planning a corrective coarse of action, installing and configuring preventitive measures and validation that everything you can possibly do that is within reason and also budget has been done.







and often train their online support representitives in what is best for their company instead of what is best for the customer.

When you are asked to purchase a yearly subscription for technical support be sure you have a print out of what services they offer.

Technical Support online varies greatly between one support group and another.


  • Virus Removal

Virus Removal is what keeps most online support services active and in business. We'll assist you in removing your viruses and will show you ways of preventing and defending against future viruses.

The key is to understand that viruses are created and changed daily and your virus software database that holds a fragment of a file that it uses to identify "Known" viruses on your computer needs to be updated every day.

If you search hard enough you'll find articles published from the Antivirus industry stating that they can not keep up. Even Microsoft made reference to installing your OS on a regular bases to help defend against unknown viruses.

The Cash Cow industry players will do as little as possible to assist you in the prevention of new virus infections. It has been rumored that many support companies actually run fake virus scans that show your computer infected beyond belief to upsell you a new subscription.

Don't be scammed into paying for services that do not do what they claim. Your best bet in any case is always use a local technician and now that many local technicians are joining with us you'll have only one question to ask, "Where are you from in the States?".

Nice to know you have options isnt' it?

PC Tune-up software isn't really needed if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7. Nearly 75% from what we have seen do the same thing your computer does automaticaly ever day or week. Why pay $60 to $150 to have a $45.00 program do what your computer does already.

We'll keep you updated on the PC Tune-up software and offerings in our Technical Reviews. We might find some software that makes our lives easier but so far not much has been impressive enough to even review the software.


You'll find most online support groups offing Virus Removal and PC Tune-up. The Nice thing about these offerings is most of the software is free but you're paying someone to give you the link or allow them to install it.

Virus Removal is something we all need to learn and it will always be part of your computer day. When you've detected a virus with your anti-virus software that might be a sign you have other viruses but they are still undetected.

Virus Software can only detect Known Viruses by default. Many antivirus programs do have other features we call "Guess if it is a virus" feature but in the end, only what they know is what they can detect.

So if you use AVG and it finds a virus you might want to run a second software to make sure


Our Service Process and Procedure keeps your computer, network or server issue in mind and we will focus on it 100% until it is resolved.

Our Process is very different from most online service and support companies in that we don't ask to connect to your computer from the start

Our Service process is very different from most online remote desktop service offerings you'll find online.

What makes us very different is our people and the fact our people are Technical people.

You will not find images that look like

Nearly all online support sites ask for your money up front before they start identifying your specific computer issue. "Let one of our industry certified technicians do the work" they say. Hello, how about a name, country, technical profile, experience and resume. Why you should not trust your computer to any online support group that is not 100% transparent.

Nearly all online support sites ask for your money up front before they start identifying your specific computer issue. "Let one of our industry certified technicians do the work" they say. Hello, how about a name, country, technical profile, experience and resume. Why you should not trust your computer to any online support group that is not 100% transparent.