How to register for "FREE" support.

I'm programming a website that allows you to publish your service, maintance and repair requests. You can also publish your projects and builds as well. From Electronics to Lawncare you can ask for help and let the power of the internet find the people you need. 

I'll be supporting those posting support requests for computers in the Computer Network section. 

The website I would like for you to register with is www.TruckAndTools.Com which is one of my hosted websites. 

It will take about 5 minutes or less to register and post your service request. 

You can also upload images and create a profile if you have more things that need fixing. 

Truck and Tools where support requests are posted for free. 

Best thing, while the site is still new I'll be making sure all your computer issues are answered. 

You'll find me on the site as well, Murray W. my service background started with GM training electrical systems and that was after I was rebuilding engines and transmissions for a hobby. My computer training came from the service and my computer science classes in the 80's. I enjoy working on all types of technology.



How to Create your XtremeComputer.Com Service Desk Account Here you will find the more detailed step by step and by best practices guide to setting up your Service Desk account. You will need a service desk account for any service offered. This is the log for your computer repair which will come in handy down the road of if the problem (virus) returns.