How to guides of "Do IT Yourself"

laptop_support.jpgIT help doesn't take long, typically 3 to 5 minutes to complete any real troubleshooting and then the repair or service process begins.


For many IT Professionals we know our bread and butter fixes are those we discover in under 5 minutes. While other times we spend hours researching and testing. 

The Easy Fixes you can do and even some of the harder ones with a little guidance. icon

In the Service Desk Guides I'll be offering the same fixes you get from any of those toll free phone support groups that aren't always in your language speaking neighborhood. 

You don't have to register nor do you have to pay me or the my website a dime from the information I share online. You'll find my Weekend Warrior IT Administrators guide for Microsoft Servers (older ones) online as well as some other helpful pages. Just search and you will find. 

I'll detail here based on some of your questions. If you have never sent me a question on how to fix your computer then you wouldn't know my email support (limited) is free. 

Bottom line is, if you call me my minimum fee rate clock starts ticking. If I have to do all the work and drive to your location again, the I'm on the clock. If you call me on New Years Day before Noon you will surely be charged more than anyone in history. 

Helping those that are willing to help themself. 

I'm not going to train you in this section. I also will be offering my process which are not online for you to profit from but rather as I do is good. Google + or Share the page. 


The links below should help you get started.

Match service to you

Friday Jun 29 2012
Finding online and onsite service companies today is very easy. One quick search and you'll find pages and pages of experts just waiting for you to contact them. XtremeComputer.Com knows who we service best and what systems or company sizes are not suited for our one on one technical support services.

Computer Repair

Wednesday Jun 13 2012
We offer online and onsite home and busienss computer support. Computer Repair, Virus Removal, System Management, Speed up your PC, Clean your Computer, Make your computer faster all steps that our technicians take each and every time we work on a computer. No need to ask, we clean up your applications after reviewing them with you. We offer online and onsite home and busienss computer support.

How to Register

Tuesday Jun 12 2012
How to Create your XtremeComputer.Com Service Desk Account Here you will find the more detailed step by step and by best practices guide to setting up your Service Desk account. You will need a service desk account for any service offered. This is the log for your computer repair which will come in handy down the road of if the problem (virus) returns.

Backup and Recovery

Tuesday Jun 12 2012
When you need to create a backup and recovery plan we want you to have all the information you need to do it yourself. We feel if we share with you our methods you'll be more inclind to do your backups the same way. It's important for all businesses to do backups and often times it's very simple to do. Just be sure you do it, test it, recovery from it. Then you know your backup plan is a success.

Virtual Computer Service

Monday Jun 4 2012
When you think you know everything about Virtual Machines you suddenly find that you don't. When you stop keeping up on a technology you often times find either the technology has been abandoned or advanced to the point you are now months behind the curve. We have setup a service to manage your virtual machines in a way that makes updating your system, cleaning out unwanted items and overall PC care as simple as a Friday afternoon download. Read about our Custom VM systems we build and manage for you.

Microsoft Software

Microsoft Software Support Remote Configuration, Installation and Support Being knowledgable with software means you need to put in the time and training to keep up with all the changes, features and configurations.

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Service Desk, Remote Computer Repair, Onsite in home and business computer repair. Here you'll find more details about the overall services that our technicians offer. We cover all IT services with Expert IT Professionals with no less than 5 years individual experience levels.