Server Administration

VDI - Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VSI - Virtual Server Infrastructure. 

How much do you pay for your VDI or VSI ?

I pay $100 per year but could be paying $1,200.00 per month if I believed everything sales had to say.

I'm an Electronics Technician and I question the intellegance of all in the industry.

It is this reason why my Return On Investment is better than any corporation in the USA.

Learn from me what is truth and what is sales pitch when you are working on your network and servers.

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I design, configure, install and put into service servers and have done so for years. 

My goal when you contract me is to provide you with a server that requires little to no daily interaction and scheduled yearly configurations and refreshes over servers 5 to 10 year life cycle. 

My average server requires 40 hours per year of hands on service work. 

40 x $225.00 = $9,000.00 per calander year for your trouble free enjoyment of your business server of up to 50 users. 

I provide in some cases hotswap servers and failsafe contracts. 

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If you are interested in mobile device hosting services visit MySmallCloud.Com to see what I'm setting up for the mobile server users. 


Xtreme Computer Server Spotlight

Here's one of the community servers I have running.

Update! I have had a few requests to show you how to build your own servers. Now, this request was made for the actual system I run. I'm sure you all have many types of servers and are able to design your own but since very few IT Consultants actually manage servers directly I thought it would be a good idea you teach you some of the finer points of being IT. Check the server builds on my network here.

Intel Xeon i3 3.3Ghz 32Gb DDR3 ECC 4 2TB Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard 5 Virtual Desktops installed and configured.Server -S1200BT

It might not look like much to you but to me it's one nice little U1 unit. I have dropped the virtual desktop rolls to 5 because I have only 5 members using this system at this time. The design is accommodate 25 virtual desktop users or 50 file users and a mix of other services. As long as the CPU is below 50% running and memory has always spare the system fine.

Subscriptions include email, calendar, task, sync, storage, web, desktop connections, Windows 7 Pro Virtual Machines or Ubuntu Virtual Desktops.
I have Windows 8 running for tests but favor the Windows 7 and Ubuntu for remote desktop sessions.


Servers setup and done right for low overhead and high return.