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Over the years I have purchased many different types of external hard drive enclosures. 

Normally when I don't like a product I turn around and sell it fast to someone that might not be so picky with their components. 

But, there are times when I find something and I order a backup of the same items because when it's good many times it's discontinued quickly. 

Here you will find my reviews about external hard drive enclosures. 

I hope it helps you find your perfect match in highspeed large volume drives. 

Vantec NST-640S3R

Saturday Mar 15 2014
This is one great compact in size but big on speed and RAID settings. I'm so impressed that I'll be ordering another 2 very soon from Provantage. Vantec hit a home run with the small 4 drive 3TB per drive 12TB total External RAID enclosure. It's unreal fast when you clock your SATA drives and if your network is 1Gb or faster with a good switch this will be a great DLNA storage server.



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