Computer - Hardware and Component parts.

So much has changed in the hardware realm I don't have time to list all but 3 items. 

  1. Nothing is made in the USA.
  2. For me Intel Single iCore systems for Servers only.
  3. SoC

I still have my second oldest server and I would replace it with a dual core tablet if the tablet could read my 12TB RAID. 

On the other side my newer Single CPU 8 Core Intel U1 servers are costing less overall to operate. Or maybe they are earning their weight. In any case, the U4 and up world has ended for me and the multiprocessor environment can be handled in a completely different way. 

Welcome to one of my favorite sections. Computer Hardware. This is where I'll be writing about what I am building with. 

The new direction is to build out a secure network server environment for the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) groups.

You know those that are more responsive to their phones and tablets need to be using their phones and tablets for work as well.

I've found when you train and use a few good coaching IT methods you can get people investing into their own equipment and loving it even more when they find out what they actually can do with it.

Save yourself the money and skip the Surface style tablets. Who wants to run AutoCAD from a 10" screen anyway.

You might not agree but I know first hand the efforts of CE back in the late 90's. MS attempted to change everyone in those days. It's the war of Software Vendor and Hardware Vendor.

Make your own path, choose it this year because this year will pave the road to your companies future IT hardware infrastructure.

I do not get commissions nor do I profit from the vendors or resellers I mention in each article. I'm just passing along to you who I have had good luck with and what items I have purchased. 

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Computer - Hardware and Component parts.